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Tabara Day 2

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Whew, so I’m finally home from Day 2 of camp!  It was a long day but the kids/teens are MUCH more settled in now than they were yesterday.  This was a huge blessing as I was able to spend more time translating than disciplining and helping the kids understand the new boundaries and rules.  The team from Sweden, I felt at least :), also had a much surer footing in how they can run their programs in this new environment.  Everyone seemed well rested, and somehow, hardly anyone was bitten by mosquitoes last night.  Can you believe that?  Romania, land of mosquitoes than can survive 364 out of 365 days per year.  Chislaz, where the camp facility is, land of hot thermal waters that help the mosquitoes grow to superman size and live 364 out of 365 days per year menacing all who live in the village.  Menace at our camp facility, last night, they did not.  Huge praise!  Ha!  Swedish team 1.  Mosquitoes 0.

There were some moments today that I definitely have to share.  The swearing.  OH MY.  People, do we honestly need to swear this much?  Really?  Is it necessary?  Yeesh!  This is the deal with me…I try to translate everything.  I just feel that those who have come to minister to these kids need to feel and hear the words the kids are saying in Romanian as if they spoke Romanian, too.  So I don’t put a censor on, well, most times I don’t.  If the kid says it then I say the same words and with the same tone of voice.  It’s a priority of mine to help with the emotional connection between the kids and the teams as much as I can.  Trying to translate in this way, can at times, be a huge help in this process as it removes the barrier of communication.  Okay so, moving on.  The swearing was OUT OF CONTROL today.  I say that laughing now but I was about to go crazy earlier.  And, the thing is this, the swearing was happening way out of the blue – tempers were flaring way out of the blue.  I think I’m about done translating sentences, for today, about where this person should go to, or what they should do – what their mother should do to themselves – and the most descriptive words referring to each and every single body part.

Caleb, oh my little man.  He became the police officer today.  Some of the more mentally challenged teens couldn’t deal with the fact that Caleb heard all that they were saying, even if there wasn’t an adult right next to them.  Up to me came a running Caleb yelling “MAMA!  GUESS WHAT HE/SHE SAID????  MAMA!”  There were 2 teenage guys who were about done with Caleb by the time we left this evening.  Ha!  It’s a win – lose situation whichever way you look at it.  Either I stick Caleb in a corner with a fence around him where he’ll have no interaction at all, yet not hear any of the dirty language or I let him be with us and continue to remind him that everything that comes out of our mouths is a choice.  “Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks…”   And, by the way Mister Caleb, if Mama EVER hears your UTTER ANY of those words it will be consequence central for a VERY long time. 🙂  It’s definitely hard being Mama and being fully invested in the camp and kids at the same time.  Thankfully, there were a couple of guys and 1 girl in particular today that, off and on, spent time with Caleb and occupied him here and there.  One gave him piggy back rides to every activity and became his buddy during a very hysterical game of musical chairs.  (Note – musical chairs becomes a teenager game when the goal is to get OFF THE GROUND when the music stops.  I cannot tell you how hilarious it was to see team members/teens and then Caleb on top of a huge pyramid, only based on 3 chairs left.  AWESOME!  Fantastic idea, Swedish team!)  Another threw him around in the pool this afternoon for a long period of time.  And yet another played with him outside at the rock pile while I was trying to manage helping with supper and packing up my things to leave this evening.  These three were a huge blessing to me today!

I feel so bad sometimes when I see the team members with him.  They didn’t come for Caleb, you know?  I get worried and stressed out when I see him asking them to play with him or one of them, on their own, doing something fun with him.  I never ever want someone to think that I’m just shoving him off or something like that.  It’s something I really struggle with and something that drives me crazy about other Moms sometimes.  (Kels being super honest here!)  Anyhow, someone spoke with me today that these fears of mine – that this team here was thinking that was what I was doing – was completely untrue and have no basis.  I guess I need to let people bless Caleb and I, too, sometimes…  I really tried, after the talk with this individual, to not worry every time I saw him with someone else.

One of the teens at the camp, who has very special needs, had a huge “criza” tonight.  He completely disobeyed what one of the team members said and so I had to remove the object in question.  He lost it on me.  Physically violent, verbally violent.  We had to have 2 guys from the team with us while working through the situation.  Here’s how he apologized.  (Read this first sentence FAST)  “Kelsey please forgive me for what I said and did.”  Then, this was amazing.

“Kelsey please tell your child that I am so sorry for what he heard me say.  Tell him that’s what _________does when he’s upset.  Tell him, please.  Tell him to forgive me.”


It’s these small things, sentences or actions here or there, that remind you of the work of Christ in the midst of these broken kids.  It brings me to tears now just thinking about this.

The brightest moment of Jesus in today, for me?  Worship this morning with the kids…there are times, they don’t happen every single time, where the voices of each of the children are so united and their hearts so in tune with the love of the Father for them that it becomes this sacred time together.  Singing this morning with them – wow.  One of those times for sure.

Okay, off to bed now for me.  Day 3 begins early!

Note to self :

Don’t be late tomorrow morning.  And, please Jesus, can Caleb NOT have a big fit in the morning like this morning?  Yup, that would kind of help with getting out of the door a bit faster 🙂

Plastic Wrap.  Need to bring it.

Small plastic bags.  Need to get some.

Guitar.  We need a sort of crappy, yet still works guitar, for the kids to use during free time.  They’re, the kids, kind of ticked they can’t use mine.  I think we have one at the foundation somewhere….need to find it and bring it!

Water tomato plants at the foundation before leaving for camp.

And water, need water for me and Caleb to drink tomorrow.


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