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Goodbye Gradinita

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He’s finally done.  Years of telling me how much he hates going, years of telling me how when he’s bigger he’s going to buy a bulldozer and smash the building to pieces, years of sharing stories of how rudely his teachers, 1 specifically, spoke to the children and hit the children.  Years of tears and fits before walking there each morning because he dreaded going (not because of the learning or friends, but because of the teachers.)  DONE.  HE IS DONE!

Yup, Caleb graduated kindergarten 🙂  Tomorrow is the last day he’ll go.  Know what he said today?  “Hey Mom, guess what?  My teacher didn’t yell or say mean things to any of the kids today!  Can you believe it?”  That was after I had just picked him up and watched her yelling ‘SHUT UP’ in one of the kids’ faces.  Yeesh.  His first day of kindergarten, same teacher and class even then, years ago…”Mom, guess what?  The teacher told me today that if anyone bothers me that she’ll hit them.  And she did, I saw her.  She took a rolled up magazine and hit two kids over the head today when they were ‘bad.'”

We’re done.  Finally I have a choice.  Finally he doesn’t have to go there anymore.  It is WONDERFUL to know that I can finally tell him that he never has to go again (well, after tomorrow that is.)  Whew.

He is so happy.  Mama is so happy.

The graduation ceremony yesterday for him and his 4 classmates who are all moving on to 1st grade was great.  They memorized poems like you wouldn’t believe.  That’s common here for all holiday celebrations – to memorize lengthy poems.  They also memorized the “goodbye kindergarten” songs – literally singing “goodbye kindergarten” and other songs with 3 or 4 verses.  My little man has learned how to memorize I’ll tell you that much.  I was so proud of him yesterday.  And, even if he doesn’t miss kindergarten he is for sure going to miss his 3 best buddies in the class.  I mean, they’ve been together for so many years now you know?  Since Caleb won’t be going to first grade here in the fall he won’t see them much.  

He was really serious during the entire ceremony…











until I caught him doing this during a song :











Most happiest was he when the cake was cut 🙂


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  1. He is growing up so fast!!

  2. Your son is very beautiful.!God bless him and you!I love to read your blog,and the pictures are so nices.

  3. I am rejoicing with you! Oh, how awesome this must feel … so thankful!

    Love you both!



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