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Make that 21, now 🙂  I’m leaving the 20’s!  Goodbye 20-29, Kels is heading into the 30’s now.  Shouldn’t I feel older or more mature or more “like 30?”  Why is it that I feel 13 most days and incredibly unprepared for everything that goes on around me?  30 seems like a huge pair of shoes that I in no way can ever fill.  It doesn’t seem me.  Hmmm…will take some getting used to, I think.

Anyhow, on the eve of the big 3-0, some extremely random birthday stories/memories from years past.

When I was 5 I got a pair of Fisher Price roller skates.  Headed out on the slippery, slate front porch, dislocated my elbow, spent the rest of my birthday in the hospital with my Dad while my Mom somehow entertained all of my 5 year old friends back at the house 🙂

5th grade.  Asked for a 2 piece bathing suit.  Should’ve gone to pick it out instead having whoever it was go and pick it out.  I hated it.  I was mortified when I saw it.  Was even more mortified to ever breathe a word of how much I hated it to my Mom and older sister, who I think were the ones to pick it out 🙂  Bright orange with huge “Hawaiian” type print all over it.  I still remember standing in line, waiting for a water slide, at the water park and one of the boys from my class standing in line behind me.  All I could think of was, “I can’t believe he’s seeing me in this bathing suit!”  Yes, I still do remember this at 29.  Maybe I need therapy….

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cakes!!!  They were my absolute favorite and my awesome Mom and Dad knew it.  They didn’t fool around each year, they just went for the Kels’ usual.  I was so happy – I loved them.

I think maybe it was 7th grade…can’t remember exactly.  My 13th birthday maybe?  Mom and Dad let me pick 3 friends to go river tubing with.  I remember my little brother being there, too.  So fun!  Came back and had a sleepover with them on the outdoor porch.  I have a picture somewhere with all of us standing with these huge tubes in front of us!

Birthday 21 – had a break-in and additional awfulness happen at the house my friends and I were renting the night before.  My parents drove halfway to meet me and we had a great lunch, but, I think I cried a lot.  Was so shaken up about what had happened…  That night though, I celebrated at the Indy Jazz festival with front row seats to Aretha Franklin.  Thankfully a HUGE thunderstorm came through and everyone left the field…except my friend and I.  We huddled under a jacket, praying that the lightning wouldn’t strike us, and then, once it blew over, we made a mad dash to the front.  It ROCKED.  (So did buying drinks – so proud for my driver’s license to prove I was 21!  And, shortly after I stopped drinking all together.  But, it was fun to show that ID that day!)

Turning 24, first birthday in Romania…Barbro, my leader’s wife, made me this HUGE – and I’m tellin’ ya – HUGE cake covered in strawberries.  I might have cried – maybe.

Birthday # 29 – celebrated with dear friends with some incredible Thai food.  I cried a lot then, too.  Ahhh well, crying is good for the soul I think!  A few days after that meal I was able to celebrate with my sisters, their families and my Mom and Dad at wonderful little Italian restaurant.  I GOT TO CELEBRATE WITH MY FAMILY!  So wonderful to be with them after so many years of missing birthdays with them!

Well, I think I will save these final 2 minutes just for me 🙂  Goodnight everyone!




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