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Aaaghghgh!  I have no time for anything these past few weeks.  Yikes!  Here’s a 30 second update…

1. Camp, camp, camp.  I cannot tell you how many hours organizing and coordinating the camps for this summer has taken.  The closer we get to the first teams arriving, the more work there has been.  I am so excited for camps and I actually really enjoy the work I’ve been able to do for them so far.  It’s just that my middle name is becoming “Chislaz” instead of Corrina these past 6 weeks 🙂  (Chislaz is where the foundation’s new campsite is…)  These camps are run for the kids/teens at the State orphanage where I work.  The freedom they experience there, and the growth it allows them personally and spiritually is unmeasurable!

2.  Adoption!  I am so grateful that the adoption process is moving forward.  Filled with praise – so thankful…  But Caleb, my little man,  has been an emotional roller coaster since my first court date.  I think the stress of not knowing when it will be over is affecting him big time.  This morning, just a few minutes after he woke up, he came into the living room – threw himself on the couch and started crying…”When will the adoption be done? When will the adoption be done?”  We haven’t even spoken about the adoption since the social workers visited on Thursday morning….  About every other day he has a breakdown – either tons of tears – or tons of anger about not knowing.  I wish I could give him a date 😦 but I can’t.  Sigh.

3. Homeschooling!  Okay, here’s the deal.  After a year of prayer and research (just how many homeschooling blogs I read and friends I’ve e-mailed about homeschooling 1st grade I can’t even count…) I’ve decided that homeschooling Caleb for 1st grade is the best fit for us this year.  Because I don’t want to pay over $800 for an entire, inclusive, curriculum I decided to find all the bits and pieces of each program separately, online.  This has taken hours and hours of searching amazon, ebay, online retailers (and tons of phone calls with my Mom who is an elementary teacher) but – TA DA – I HAVE DONE IT!!  Thanks to a friend who will let me borrow her 1st grade science curriculum (aka free for the year, yay!) the total cost of all the material comes to a grand total of appx. $300!!!  My eyes hurt from being on the computer each night, searching, scouring…but, it was kind of worth it.  And, HUGE PRAISE, my social workers (when they visited on Thursday) APPROVED ME TO HOMESCHOOL CALEB IN ROMANIA NEXT YEAR!  In fact, they BROUGHT THE IDEA UP TO ME FIRST!!  Oh seriously, how incredible of a miracle was this?  I can’t even explain it to you, really.  Just know it was a huge deal and completely unexpected.

4. My finances went from being flushed down a toilet to manna raining down from Heaven.  Much time – many hours spent praying and e-mailing and making videos and calling and you name it, I did it.  I went from barely anything to an overflow of blessing.  I’m still trying to figure out how God moved so many hearts in such a generous outpouring so quickly.  Very humbling…

5. Break in at the orphanage.  Or, not exactly at the orphanage.  The rooms, in the school where all of the children attend, that we are given to use for group times with the children.  They lifted up the metal bars on the outside windows, then busted the glass.  Then they shook the indoor windows so hard that all of the nails and latches holding them shut (or supposedly locking them) fell out and fell off.  Then they ransacked the two rooms.  They. took. everything.  I came upon it on Friday.  All of the rainwater on the floor let me know that it had been done by Wednesday though.  We had violent storms on Wednesday night.  Anyhow, I laughed.  And then I cried.  I didn’t cry about the stuff.  Who gives a crap?  Stuff can be replaced.  What broke my heart was that I knew it had to involve some of the kids I work with.  The kids that I have tried and fought to have relationships with.  Kids that need to be trusted, and need to trust.  Kids that need Jesus and need to know that they are loved.

The trust was going to be broken between me and some of them.  I just knew it.  Some told me that maybe some of the gypsy kids in the village had done it.  I knew better.  I knew it was some of “my” kids….  It tore at me inside.  I don’t want trust to be broken between us.  I want the relationships to deepen.  I want them to respect me and my authority.  I want them to know they have my respect and care and love.  It took forever to fall asleep last night for two reasons.  First absolute disappointment for whoever had done it and knowing that I couldn’t follow through with a style of consequence that would fall in line with how we teach the kids about Jesus and relationships etc…  I knew the director would freak out, I knew she would yell and scream in their faces, I knew she would call the police and they would just beat them up until they were black and blue all over, I knew this wouldn’t make them sorry at all, I knew they would be told they couldn’t go to camp.

They won’t be allowed at camp.  I am so disappointed in them but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them.  It tore at me that the 1 week per year that they can be free to express who they are before others and before God…it would be taken away by their stupid decision.  I couldn’t sleep.  I cried.

The second reason for not sleeping was that I just felt I didn’t have the emotional stamina to deal with it all.  I just cried last night…  I don’t have the energy to go to the police and make the report, I don’t have the energy to call the director and deal with the consequences, I don’t have the energy to hear who it was, I don’t have the energy to face them and be strong, loving and firm in my words, I don’t have the energy to pour into rebuilding the relationship with them, I don’t have energy to get the windows fixed, I don’t have energy to clean the ransacked rooms.  I don’t….  So, I cried about that, too.  A lot.

Oh Jesus is our Rock in a weary land, a weary land, a weary land.  Oh Jesus is our Rock in a weary land.  A Shelter in the time of storm…

(what’s your mood today?  pick your version and enjoy this incredibly awesome hymn!)

2011 Gospel Folk Version

1953 Gospel Version

And so He was.  This morning at 7:45am I got a call telling me who broke in.  Those 3 boys – oh my.  I really cried, my heart hurt.  Why WHY WHY?  I didn’t have to go into the police because the director of the orphanage already did a report.  And, on the upside, the boys admitted they did it and brought all of the items (that they hadn’t sold yet) to the director.  I have to go on Tuesday morning to meet with the director and deliver the consequence but at least I don’t have to go in until Tuesday.  She did say that taking away camp from them was the only thing appropriate in her opinion but we can discuss.  I honestly don’t know what is appropriate in this situation.  I told her I would support whatever decision she makes.  Ultimately she is responsible for all of the children/teens and I don’t want to argue with her system in this type of a situation.  Anyhow, prayers for Tuesday would be much appreciated…

Aggghhh, it’s midnight.  And, it took much longer than 30 seconds to write this update.  I’ll finish it up tomorrow, I think.  Noapte Buna everyone!


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