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Stana de Vale

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Good friends of mine, Jonte and Courtney  ,



(also happen to be fellow teammates here) are gettin’ hitched come July.  On their quest for the perfect spot to have their wedding and reception we headed to Stana de Vale.  Unfortunately there’s no way in heck it would work to have a wedding up there.  Still, though, the mountains and water were beautiful.  You could see remnants of decaying buildings in the tiny town, once beautiful with hand carved wooden posts etc…, here and there.  When Communism ended, so did the care and upkeep of these places it seems.

Here are some photos from the day of exploring and enjoying God’s beauty in this country.

At the edge of the village is a spring water company.  They’ve made a waterfall that seemed to be a popular place to visit. So many people were there!



After dropping the boys off with Jonte to build a fire and get on with some creek stomping, Courtney and I drove around trying to find cabins that could possibly be for rent.   We didn’t have much luck but we did find this real waterfall!


When we got back from driving around we found the boys had already done some serious climbing on old cement thing- a- ma- jigs and were downing hot dogs like no tomorrow.  Cook the hot dog.  Roll the bread dough long and skinny and wrap around the hot dog.  Cook the whole thing.  Add ketchup.  Kels’ upgrade :  Wrap a thin slice of cheese around the just cooked hot dog before adding the bread dough.  It rocks.  Seriously.

After hot dog consumption and Fanta for the boys, it was time for more climbing and for me to have about 100 heart attacks.  My Mama instinct was to grab Caleb off from everywhere he was climbing – super dangerous.  Know what Jonte said?  “Guess it was good you weren’t here earlier to see where me and the boys were climbing before.”

Aaaghghg!  I restrained myself and practiced breathing which, I’m pretty sure, would make any woman in labor proud.  🙂

I have video, which will probably embarrass me more than serve any other purpose, from their after hot dog climbing around.    Once my batteries are charged up in the flip I’ll upload one onto here.  Bet you can’t wait….





















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