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Caleb is 7.  Seriously 7?

Let me explain to you why the following “Scooter Snacks” photo (as requested for his birthday party) of Caleb is so disturbing.  First, look at the photo.  And, feel free to notice how well he did with his “Scooter Snack.”  I only encourage you to do so because, well, his Mama thought he did pretty awesome and he was also equally proud of his creation 🙂

Okay, now on to the disturbing part.  Mmmm hmmm.  Yup.

1  month old in this photo.  WHAT?  SEVEN YEARS HAVE PASSED ALREADY?  Are you disturbed?  Are you feeling old?  How did this happen?  Prepare yourself for the next combo of photos.  I did give you prior warning.

Here are Caleb and Alex, last week, happily enjoying their birthday CD players and Alex’s books on CDs.  Or rather, here is Alex so excited and Caleb so annoyed that I wanted to interrupt his reading time to take a photo.  Oh Mama….

And now, Caleb and Alex just over 7 years ago…


Although there are moments where time has seemed to drag by, in all honesty, it has flown.  My little man amazes me everyday.  I cannot imagine life without him and I cannot understand why I thought, long before coming to Romania, that I would ever NOT want to be a Mom.  Being a Mom is…sigh…indescribable.  There are so many ways that God displays His greatness to us.  I choose Caleb’s birthday post on this here blog to highlight the greatness of God in creating the relationship between a Mom and a child!

He’s 7…sigh…I love it – love him.

We printed off this photo, as his invitation, and he passed them out to his friends.  Very fun and cheap!  Caleb directed the “photo shoot”, ha!, and he decided which photo to use.

Maybe it would have helped to take a photo BEFORE pulling out all of the candles.  Ah, well, that’s life.  He loved it, looked pretty close to the photo in the magazine – that’s all that mattered to him 🙂

We did presents before cake.  He was so excited about the “Nemo” swimming cap he got from his friend, Laz, that he wore it almost the entire party.  And, every single day since, the Nemo cap has appeared at some point during the day.  Hilarious!  I have to coax it off from him when it’s shower time.  Yes, Caleb, you do have to wash your hair….

On another note.  I ask you, in all sincerity, if you could please prayerfully consider becoming a new monthly donor, add to your current monthly donation amount, or give a special gift to cover the needs outlined in the previous blog post, or in my recent update.  It has been over 5 years since I have had a financial crisis such as this past month.  God’s faithfulness through all of you has been so overwhelmingly consistent, especially in terms of financial donations.  I would almost say that I’m desperate in a way this month, but that would be taking God’s hand out of the picture.  So intead,  I. am. grateful. for all of you.

You can give online, securely, at

Thank you…thank you….


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