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Computer. Finally.

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After 3 weeks, or has it been a bit longer?, it’s official.  I CAN FINALLY USE MY COMPUTER AGAIN.

It’s wonderful.  In all honesty, I have never been more thankful for material items in my entire life than I have been for this laptop and my car.  Every single time I turn my computer on, I’m thankful.  Every single time I stick my keys into the ignition I thank the Lord for my car.  Maybe you think I’m joking but I’m telling you in all honesty that I do, very sincerely.

The keys to the rooms we use at the state orphanage are missing.  First time ever for me to have lost them – lost them.  Please pray that we find them soon, or find a solution.  We were supposed to go and celebrate 11 birthdays yesterday.  Had the car loaded up, went to grab the keys and….no keys.  Three of us searched for over an hour.  And I mean we searched.  My car has never been stripped down the way it was yesterday, nor has my apartment.  Nothing.  I called some of the girls I trust at the orphanage to go outside and look around the room we use, outside, and on the ground where my car was parked.  Nothing.  We seriously need to find these keys!  Would appreciate your prayers!


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  1. I pray that God helps you to find your keys dear Kelsey!When I lose something I always ask the Holy Spirit to help me find it,to guide me,and He always helps me!God is so wonderful.He will helps you to find your keys,I know it! :)God bless you!


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