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First Court Date!

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Still having problems finding a new charger for my laptop.  I keep being promised by stores in Marghita that this part will come in and that part will come in…  On Friday I picked up what I thought would be the ENTIRE charger.  Nope, it was just the charger box.  And, of course, my old cable to plug into the wall doesn’t fit the new charger.  And, of course, he promised it would be in today and it wasn’t.  He doesn’t know when it’ll be in.  Went to the other store – it can’t even be ordered there.  This has been seriously frustrating.  Thankfully Courtney has the cable I need for her computer so I just borrowed that one for tonight.  I’m going to have to go to Debrecen, I think, this week.  I don’t like going there unless if I have a whole day to go and a whole list of things to get.  Maybe one of my team members is going and I can bug them to pick up what I need.  Okay, anyhow, that’s why it’s been quiet on here for awhile!!

Court Date – last Wednesday!  Caleb is officially in court monitored foster care, with me, for 90 days.  At the end of the 90 days I can apply for the FINAL court date.  Although it’s a bit early to be saying what will happen and when it all will happen I can kind of say that I’m hoping that Caleb and I can be in the States from either Sept/Oct until Jan/Feb.  Take all of those dates with an “ish” at the end.  Nothing is certain until the new birth certificate and passport are made, and until I see which visitor’s visa the US Embassy awards Caleb.

It was a bit crazy that morning at the court house.  Well, I guess I should say, a bit rough really.  In the middle of the roughness I about broke down in tears 5 times but managed to make it through the morning, and through the hearing without losing it.  And, praise Jesus, because I was successful in my request of wanting the decision made on Wednesday legalized on Wednesday.  Sometimes it takes months to receive the legalized paper.  My super awesome social worker is picking mine up from the court house today.  I am so very, very thankful that the Lord made it possible for us to make this request and that they accepted the request!

Caleb’s birthday is tomorrow.  Oh my.  7.  Oh my.


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