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Instead of doing a meal deal on Easter Sunday, our team headed up to the Padurea Neagra for a BBQ on Monday.  So nice!

The boys, and some adults too :), had fun in the stream.  And then, I hyperventilated for an hour as my little boy decided to scale the side of the mountain (we were in a meadow, in a bit of the valley) along with the older boys and one of our teammates.  I told him no, at first.  All the rest of the boys had climbed up…but they are so much taller than he is.  I finally ran out of excuses and decided to trust the guys who were keeping an eye on the boys climbing.   He did it all by himself.  He slid down, on his stomach, 3 times before he finally got the hang of it.  I freaked out the entire time and was so proud of him as well!  Alex was super mad because I didn’t let him do it as well.  Just felt I couldn’t risk him going up – knowing how difficult balance is for him.  I let him be the first one to the S’Mores as a trade off!

I was glad we went away Monday.  Meant that I was able to miss out on the perfume spraying that the Hungarian men do on Easter Monday.  If we’re home on Easter Monday we usually are at our friends’ home, and they are Hungarian.  All day long the men visit the homes of friends/family, say poems, spray the women with perfume and then eat cakes etc…then move on to the next.  It sure took a long time to get all of that perfume smell out of my hair each year 🙂  This year though, I am proud to say that I was perfume free!


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