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Valentine’s Day

This has got to be, possibly, the most random post to stick up when I have been silent on here for awhile.

There’s been a lot going on and emotionally I have found it hard to concentrate on much else other than the bare necessities.  Before this year I remember telling some people that I felt God telling me that this year would be a battle (specifically concerning the adoption process.)  This week held a huge victory and step forward with that process – HUGE PRAISE – but it came at a very emotional toll…  But, truly, I praise God for all He is continuing to do in His faithfulness and in what He started over 6 years ago with a small baby boy, looking up at me from his crib at the orphanage where I was to work for 6 months.

Ahhh, anyway.  Moving on.  Valentine’s Day!  Tomorrow!  I’m so excited!  Caleb and Alex made Valentine’s for everyone on our team, and for their friends.  My Mom brought conversation hearts in individual boxes when she was here in December.  There’s enough for everyone to have one of those, as well.  And, I’m trying my hand at red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  Unfortunately I only had enough red food coloring for half of what it called for.  So they are more red tinted velvet cupcakes instead 🙂  I’m sure my team won’t care!

I just did a small bit for Caleb and Alex to have in the morning….

On a side note, Caleb insisted on wearing this dinosaur costume for 2 days straight.  Everywhere.  Walking all through town paying bills etc…yup!  So cute…And don’t ask me what that final pose is all about.  Something a 6 year old boy thinks is super duper cool to do when a photo is being taken.  Just go along with it, okay? (smile)











And, on a very final – final note.  I cleaned out my pantry.  All this stuff is now out of my pantry AND apartment.  WOOHOO!!


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