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Gearing up to pull everything together for taxes has been especially moving to me this time round.

I am so thankful.



I love this verse from Philippians – the end of a sentence really but I don’t feel I’m pulling it out of context.

2:13 “…for it is God who works in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.”

Do you have any idea of how amazingly He has worked and willed in all of you financially this year?  For His good pleasure He has created abundance in a time of recession.  This financial blessing has done so much.  Those words are simple but they describe the situation perfectly.

orphaned children now have rides to school, abandoned children are now placed in loving foster homes, poor families have received food and their medical bills have been paid for, gasoline has been purchased to keep cars running, Bibles have been purchased to ministry purposes, rent has been paid, the heating bills are covered each month, we have celebrated with cakes and gifts the birthdays of all the children we work with, local village children were able to attend camp this past summer, an overnight team time of refreshment was paid for….the list goes on and on.

Your finances have provided so much this past year.  This isn’t just a list of things that other people have been involved with.  Each and every one of those items are things that I have had the honor of personally participating in because of financial gifts that you have given in 2010.

I truly celebrate how God has WORKED and WILLED in all of you financially for HIS good pleasure in the ministries here.

Thank you.  Truly, thank you.


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