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Mozzarella Makings Part 2

Annnd, it was a major FAIL.  But, we’re not giving up.  Here are some pictures to lead you through the issues that we confronted.  Must try again soon!

So, here’s what we started with.  Fresh milk, water, lemon salt (in place of citric acid), powdered rennet.

Problem #1 – powdered rennet.  It was impossible to measure out such a miniscule amount.  The man I purchased it from said “a knife’s tip for 10 liters of milk.”  We only had 2 liters of milk.  Here we are trying to measure out HALF of a tip of a knife of powdered rennet.

Problem #2 – Using only 2 liters of milk meant the cooking times and temps didn’t match up to the recipe.  Almost immediately after putting it on the heat, we reached the temperatures it asked for.  The recipe stated minutes for each step.  Using such a small portion of milk made it difficult.  We couldn’t wait 5 minutes, or 12-18 minutes etc…  Definitely need to use the full amount of milk next time.

Problem #3 – ummmm, hmmmmm…..  See, at this point we are supposed to have curds and whey.  We had curds and milk.  This was possibly due to the fact that we used lemon salt, instead of citric acid, or that we were using such a small amount of milk and couldn’t let it heat up for the length of time required.  The curds you see match the description in the recipe but this is the TOTAL amount of curds we got.  In addition, there’s still a ton of milk in that pan.  Whey isn’t supposed to be milky in color.

After straining our curds we decided that, despite the small amount, we’d still go forward with the recipe.  Time to cut the curds and then pour over them the warm water.

UH OH.  Where did the curds go?  They disappeared!!  We were unable to do anything with this.  Bummer.

For an experiment, we put in rennet and citric acid into the leftover milk/whey stuff just to see what would happen.  We immediately had curds and whey, as the picture in the recipe showed.  The curds, though, were extremely tough and the final product was a crumbly ball.  We anticipated this since we had already put in citric acid and rennet for the first go around.  By almost doubling the amount, by adding it in again as an experiment, we overdosed everything.

Final thoughts.

1. We need to make the full recipe next time.

2. Possibly need to buy liquid rennet, instead of the powder.

3. Wait until May when I can buy buffalo milk at the market??


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