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It only takes a minute

for a child’s world to turn upside down in this country.

A birth mom walks out of a hospital after giving birth.  Doesn’t sign abandonment papers, doesn’t ask for help.  Just leaves.

An older child at an orphanage decides to take advantage of a younger one.

A parent dragging their kid outside, in the dead of winter, to beg for them on the streets all day.

Or, a birth parent, who had lost their parental rights had a court hearing that we were not notified about and regained parental rights and angrily showed up, waving court papers around, demanding their child (who is in an amazing foster home) be returned to them immediately.  And, unfortunately, the police (after reading the court papers) had no choice but to say that this individual did in fact have the right to take the child right there and then.

Re-integration back into a birth family is a PROCESS.  A PROCESS.

It makes me sick.

How is the little one doing today?  To be happily playing one minute and the next have your birth parent, who hasn’t visited in months, show up at the door and say you’re leaving and will now live with them.  Strange person with them – oh, that’s the new partner.  Happy to see birth parent, happy to go with them.  Seems okay.  I don’t think it’s all okay today.  They’re too young to know what decision was just made.  Far too young, far too precious.

My heart is breaking for the system in this country that allowed this to happen like a huge band-aid being ripped off.

My heart is breaking for the foster family and those that were especially close to this child.

My heart is breaking for the other birth parent who has been working so hard, with us, to get their life back on track in order to get the child back.  (The court date notification never arrived to their address.)

My heart is breaking for this little one.

Oh Jesus, put your hand over all the brokenness today…


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  1. Oh Kelsey! Who? How do I pray?


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