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Joy holds such more meaning when it has been missing for some time.  After 6 months of waiting we finally have the first court date set.  Thank You, LORD!  Please don’t comment on this post.  I’m keeping this post general on purpose since it’s a public blog.  Just wanted all of you, who aren’t on the adoption prayer list, to hear as well about the great news!!

Joy.  A part of me that has been holding it’s breath since September is now free again…

You know what else can bring joy?  Chocolate, marshmallow cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and cola flavored pop rock topping.

No.  I’m not joking.  They exist.  For real.  Courtney’s boyfriend can sure whip up some awesome creations!

I had a bunch of people over for cards games and food the other night.  This was his contribution.  I made a spinach, cheese dip baked in a huge bread bowl.  So good!  Others brought chips and I definitely put out a bowl of skittles.  You can buy them here now.  I don’t usually but thought they might help tend the wounds of those losing the card games.  And, yup, that was pretty much me! Ha ha ha!


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  1. Kels – do you think of the same thing I think of when I hear of Skittles?!? LMAO Please tell me you do… take yourself back to like 1998 or so. hehehe


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