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New Year’s Day Morning

I forgot to share what happened on New Year’s Day at 4:00am.


This is what happened.  

REALLY LOUD.  As in my neighbors were playing it so loud that it literally made me jump as I was woken up.  After listening to them blast it 3X in a row I finally crawled out of bed.  4:15am.  Nice.  Real nice.  I was worried Caleb would wake up – the bass was shaking the floors etc… I unlocked the door and realized that the music was just as loud in the hallway as in my room.  I’m sure all of the rest of my neighbors were appreciating this as well.  I rang their doorbell 3 times and finally they answered.


Nu pot.

Va rog.


I can’t.


It was all I could force out of my mouth – I mean, HELLO IT WAS 4:15 am!!

Anyway, enjoy the clip 🙂


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  1. So? Did they turn it off? Great song though. And they’re Swedish too, you’ll be glad to hear.

  2. Awwww! Good old swedish rock! How dare you even complain? It could have been worse. Muzica populara. I bet it would be worse! Kram


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