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I took Caleb to the kids’ park in Oradea on the last day of Christmas vacation from school.  We’ve had so much rain and it froze a large section of the park into a very cool lake.  Caleb had fun chopping off bits of the multi-layered ice!

Our dear friends, Laci and Julie, arrived with the Scottish team (see below.)  Caleb LOVES Laci and was so excited to have him nearby for a week.  Other than putting Caleb up on high shelves to sit, he also taught Caleb how to ambush his mom with snowballs.  Thanks a lot, Laci!  I think, though, that Laci’s wife (my good friend, Julie) was excited that Laci had another target other than her for the week!


December was one. crazy. month.  On top of the normal craziness my Mom visited for a few days (yay) and I started a new course and we had a team from Scotland come and do a winter camp which, included, kids from the orphanage.  Now that January is half way over  I feel like we are, finally, getting back into the swing of things!

Here’s a quick update…

Still waiting for the first court date to be assigned for the adoption process.  Waiting since September.  Uggghhh.

Praying, praying…patience…praying, praying….patience…praying, praying….patience…..

Still no family for Alex.  All of the families interested in adopting and/or foster care are unwilling to consider taking a child with special needs.  Arrrggghhh!

This week begins the first week of going to the orphanage without my team mate, Jenny.  Her and her husband are almost all packed up and will move, next week, back to Scotland.  Thankfully there is a wonderful girl from the village who comes to each group time to help.  I don’t know what I would do without her!  In addition, a few of my team members from our larger team have said they will come to help out when they can.  Yay!

The sun came out for a few days.  Sigh.  It was wonderful.  Weeks of gray skies with snow, followed by a week of rain…I really needed the sun.  It’s back to rainy and gray again today but I am so thankful for those few days where the sun made an appearance!

Gasoline is SO expensive right now.  If you’re in the States and reading this, get ready.  It’s at 5.08 Lei/Liter.  There are appx. 4 liters per gallon so that’s 20.32 Ron/Gallon of gas.  Take 20.32/3.20 (exchange rate for the $ today) = $6.35/GALLON.  Imagine having to pay that while receiving a salary of $275/month that isn’t even all cash in hand.  (Romanians receive food stamps as part of their salaries.)  True, people don’t drive as much as people in the States do.  But I think we can give Romanians a bit of compassion here as their salaries don’t even come close to salaries in the States.  Right?  So, let’s do a little calculation.  With the Romanian cost of gasoline in relation to their salary, they pay 2.30% of their salary PER gallon of gasoline.  Let’s take 2.30% of your salary and see how much a gallon of gasoline would cost for you today.  We’ll aim low with your monthly salary at $2000/month.  2.3% of 2000 = $46/GALLON.  Can you imagine?  I mean really, can you imagine?

(Actually, can you imagine that I might have done that math correctly up above?  I’m not sure I can.  So, please have some grace if I have done the math wrong!  You get the picture though….)

Ah, pictures!  Great idea!

My Mom and I headed to Oradea to hit up the massive sales on Christmas candy.  Of course my little man did his eye batting on his Grandma and also walked out of the store with some of that candy!

The Scottish team’s theme for the week was “Jesus is my super here.”  Here is the logo, a little blurry- sorry, on a sticker.  They had hats for all of the kids with this logo, and hooded sweatshirts for all of the helpers.  Awesome!



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