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I should be wrapping…

presents right now.  “Should” being the key word in that sentence!  Ha ha.

On Saturday we headed over to the orphanage and did Christmas parties, 4 of them to be exact, for all of the kids there.  There are double the amount of children just now, seeing as how it is holiday break from school.  All of the teenagers who “grew up” at the orphanage where I work at, go to the high school orphanage in Oradea once they pass the 8th grade.  But, when it is any type of holiday, they “go home” over the break.  How would you feel to “go home” to a state orphanage for every break in the school schedule?  Kind of shakes you up a bit, or me at least, to think about that…

We divided all of the children up into 4 different groups and had a Christmas party for each.  We worshipped together, played silly games together, read the Bible story of Jesus’ birth with some visual aids, had snacks and pop, then “Mosu” (Santa Claus) came with a shoebox gift for each one.  Alex and Caleb were both with me and I can’t say that it worked out super well to have them there.  The environment was entirely too stressful for Alex and he had more fits than I care to go into detail about right now.  Still, it worked out o-kay enough.  Caleb and Alex enjoyed serving the snacks and pop to each group of kids!  And, out of 60-ish kids, only ONE was upset with the gift she got.  Her main issue?  She got a watch in her present and she can’t tell time on the watch.  Instead of talking to us about it in a semi-nice way she has been going around talking smack behind out backs using really awful words, and calling and sending text messages relaying how angry she is about this watch.  Sigh.  1 out of 60.  I’m not going to complain AT ALL 🙂

Caleb had his Christmas program at school last week.  He hates them.  I don’t blame him.  I mean, honestly, how many Christmas carols with ALL OF THE VERSES can they make these 6 year olds sing?  After 2 the kids don’t even know the words anyhow.  Ah well, that’s how it goes in his kindergarten at least.  Each year it’s the same.  The kids learn a poem about Santa Claus and then they sing carol after carol.  Although I think the parents sang more than the kids b/c the kids, understandably, can’t memorize all of those verses to all of those carols!  But, not to worry, the kids were greatly rewarded with huge bags of cookies and chocolate!  Laz is also in Caleb’s class so I was able to snap a fun photo of him, his Mama and his Mama’s man 🙂

Last Saturday Caleb asked to turn cardboard boxes in cars.  Thankfully we have a donation warehouse with many cardboard boxes. I grabbed 2 huge ones and

Caleb and Alex went to town.  SO much fun for them, and for me too!  Our entire

apartment is tiled so I didn’t care if they got paint on the kitchen floor or not.  In fact, it’s still all over the kitchen floor.  Will definitely mop that up soon…ish…  It’s kind of fun to have color all over the floor!  They finished the finger painting part of the cars but now it’s time to add on the parts.

Tonight was the biggest event, each year,  for the foundation I work under, here in Marghita.  Everyone who works for and supports the foundation is invited to a huge Christmas party.  It went really well and, I have to say, it was the most smooth running and fun Christmas party in all of the 6 years I have been here.  A really fun note from the party tonight.  A family of musicians from Oradea came.  One of their daughters is a classical pianist and is going to be performing with the Philharmonic Orchestra in Oradea in February.  And, she’s playing GRIEG’s piano concerto.  Oh my gosh.  I SO am going, cannot wait!!  I’ve never been to hear the orchestra in Oradea, yet.  SO excited!  Annnd, I sang tonight.  I mean, I sing all the time but this time I was asked to sing like I did before.  It was a bit rough but I think I did alright enough.  My boss asked me to sing ‘O Holy Night’.  Every year I say “No” to singing at the party because I’m too embarrassed.  It’s been too long and I haven’t used my voice that way in years.  But this may be our last Christmas here so I figured I’d give in this year 🙂

(I wrote this post this past Wednesday but the photos wouldn’t upload.  Sorry I didn’t get around to adding them and posting this until today!)


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