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…is a little village a few miles from Marghita.  The name might ring a bell as I have, in previous posts. spoken about the young kids that walk (or hitch a ride) from there to Marghita in order to beg each day.  I have only driven into Chet twice before our trip yesterday.  Once was to find a pastor who refurbished bikes and used the proceeds to help out his church.  We arrived and he was in Canada.  Second trip was trying to get to the Budapest airport.  I chose to take the night bus from Marghita since my flight left so early in the morning.  We had to drive to this village to pick up a weight lifter.  He asked me to hold back some of his weights on the floor so that they wouldn’t roll around.  That was the most pleasant aspect of that nightmare of a bus ride.  Not even going to go there now.  And, once, I tried to drive to Chet to check up on a baby from the hospital.  The doctor had given me the area of his address and the thumbs up to go and check on him.  The gypsy population is so large in Chet that it’s extremely difficult to find anyone.  Getting into the car, along with another woman, someone found out I was going (I hadn’t kept it a secret, honest!) and forbid me from driving there unless I had a Romanian man accompanying me.  I was so ticked that day.  That baby boy still sits on my heart.  I have his picture up in my apartment.  Each and every time I pass the sign for Chet (which is often) I think of “Baby Joey” and how big he is, how is he etc…  Baby Joey is a very special story – I will, honestly, never forget him nor the love that God has for him.  Oh little one…

So there you have it, my entire personal history with Chet.  Now on to a new saga in the Chet novel…the Chet forest and field.  It was SO BEAUTIFUL.  Courtney organized a team afternoon there.  After a good walk through the forest, it opens up to an absolutely stunning clearing.  Kites, face painting, laughter, sitting in the sun, fresh air, wannabe baseball game, chocolate chip cookies and snacks….  It was a refreshing reminder of HIM – the giver of Life – the creator of ALL.  I get redemption AND the blessing of this forest yesterday 🙂 ?  Moves my heart to sing the hymn below…oh, just love it.  Picture is of “us moms” opting for “Mommy hands!!” instead of “Jazz hands!!”  We had a good laugh…  And, yes.  It’s really that warm here.  60’s everyday, just a sweatshirt or jacket – if that – in the afternoon.  Caleb was running around in his t-shirt most of the time yesterday.  I think it’s God’s gift to my brother and sister-in-law, who are arriving this coming Saturday, from Zambia.  A bit more gradual of change to come to weather like this, from the temps they’re used to just now, rather than arriving to freeze- yo’- you- know- what- off- normal Romanian November temperatures!


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