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Life in Romania…Part 3

Here we go with the 3rd installment 🙂

Life in Romania = strong, hard working girls

Or, rather, LinR means we need to take the food made at our foundation’s kitchen to all of the foundation’s projects each day.  Must have been Court’s turn yesterday.  I’m the Saturday person.  When the sign-up sheet appears each week, my team knows that Kels is always the “Saturday Food-Run” person 🙂

Life in Romania….finding a hidden away, scratched in sand, heart with a flower.  I have my guesses as to who made it and maybe who it was made for (not me).  But still, it was a surprise to find it and it made me smile!

Life in Romania…”The BMW Game.”  Yes, it really exists.  Super simple.  You see a BMW, you scream it out loudly enough for everyone to hear and then you point at it, calling out its color.  This means  you have claimed that specific BMW and received a point.  Alex and Caleb were doing this the whole way home the other night.

Life in Romania…somehow lions show up in your shower.  Don’t ask me how but they turn back into little boys once the water is turned off.  Magic!


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