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Life in Romania…Part 2!

So, on a lighter note, here’s another “Life in Romania” post.  And, ta da, it’s even assisted by photos!  I’m feeling a 3rd post of this kind comin’ on sometime tomorrow.  Prepare yourselves.  These “Life in Romania” posts just may have you packing your bags.  I mean, check out the culinary delight, below, that I found in the store this week!!

Slide+Leaves+Friends = Such fun!

When you go to the post office, you take care of your mailing needs AND can purchase plastic baggies, matches and cleaning solution.  Yup, it’s a one stop shop! And, although I didn’t get a photo of them, on the other side of the desk were tons of different “Day of the Dead” candles for sale as well.

Alex and his new winter coat.  The mornings are getting so chilly here.  Although, it’s a little annoying.  Freezing cold in the morning and barely jacket weather by the afternoon.  Wish it could just be the warm afternoon weather starting in the morning 🙂  Yes, he has a bandage on his face.  No, he didn’t fall.  Just, yet another, huge cold sore on the outside of his face.  If the teachers see it, he isn’t allowed at

school.  I’ve got a pretty good system down now for getting rid of them on him.  It, in part, involved me covering it up while he’s at school…

Fried goose fat/skin pieces!  Yum, yum!  Just under $3 for the container!  Pig fat/skin is so normal to see here.  But goose?  I did a double take and then, for all of your enjoyment, snapped a picture in the store.

Halloween decoration fun!  Caleb thought the pumpkins and this spider were much cooler as masks!


































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  1. Caleb and Alex,
    I love the leaves on the slides! What fun! Today i raked up a huge pile of leaves out behind our house. if you were here you could start in the front yard by the street, run down the hill, take a big jump, wave your arms and legs as you fly, and land safe and sound in all the leaves!


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