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Gray Pumpkins

When you find one, you grab it.  A pumpkin that is.  Pumpkins kind of show up at our Friday, outdoor markets october-novemberish.  You can’t really stick a date to when they’ll be there or when they’ll not.  And, most often, they are cut up into slices for you to buy for 30 cents a piece.  Something like that.  Last Friday, though, I saw a whole pumpkin.  A whole gray pumpkin.  That’s right, gray.  So, I bought it.  Cost me $3 and I happily toted it home.  I was hoping to carve it with Caleb and Alex for Friday “Family Fun Night.”  Ooops, forgot.  My teammate at the orphanage is bringing a bunch of them to Marghita for the youth “club night.”  I promised to feed them supper while she finished rehearsing for the worship that night.  Okay Caleb and Alex – no worries, family fun night and gray pumpkin can be done on Saturday.  I got sick.  Like really sick. Uck.  Alright, Caleb and Alex, I PROMISE we’ll carve up Mr. Gray Pumpkin on Sunday afternoon.  Family Fun Night ended up being Family Fun Sunday Afternoon and it was perfect 🙂  Caleb was very particular about how he was to be carved.  Both Caleb and Alex would tell you their favorite part was playing in the seeds and pumpkin pulp.  I was trying to encourage them to separate the two but…it’s more fun to have it’s slimey-ness squeezed and squished all over the place!  We named him “Scarry Harry.”  Sorry for the bad photo quality…I took them with my phone.  Need to charge up my phone battery!  Anyhow, “Scarry Harry” fits perfectly on our little balcony off from the kitchen in our tiny charcoal grill.


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  1. I love the GRAY pumpkin–whoops I mean Harry Scary:) The cornstalks in the background are a perfect part of the Fall decor!

  2. I LOVE THESE! Oh my word…what a fun time! Great job Caleb & Alex. Scary Harry looks awesome.


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