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Conversation at Church

“Remus, I’m so glad to see you!” (Gave him a big hug while saying that!)

He smiled up at me and said “I’m really glad to see you, too!”  “Ummm, Kelsey, when are we going to have group time next?”

“Well, Remus, your group already met this week.  You weren’t at group because you had been drinking.” (And staggering around outside and shoved into a cold shower to wake him up some – not by us – and then more staggering around outside….)

“What?  I was what?”

“Next time your group will meet, in two weeks, it might be a good idea to not get drunk that day.  Then, you’ll be able to come to group!”

“Oh yeah, of course!!”

Then came the cute smile again….followed by some very off key singing to Jesus.

THAT made me smile.

After the worship he ran off with some of the other kids from the orphanage, who had also come to church this morning, to head outside to smoke.  Remus didn’t come back after that.  Still though,  I love that they come.  I love that they don’t need someone to come and pick them up – they come on their own.  No one is forcing them and no one gives them dirty looks when they arrive.  I really love these kids I work with…



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  1. Precious Kels, just precious…they are precious to Him and so are you! I love you ❤

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