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Favor and Fruit Salad

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Can I ask all of you for a favor?

I have a friend – no…more than a friend – someone super close to my heart.  She loves Jesus and does a lot of medical work in Uganda.  Her organization is trying to win free, roundtrip tickets to Uganda.  They can win these, with British Air, if they get the most “Votes” for their short, online video presentation of why they need airline tickets to help their work.


Please?  Can you just click on the link below and then click “Vote”?  And maybe, you could click on it tomorrow, too?  And, if you have more than one web browser on your computer you could even “Vote” multiple times per day?

Thanks, everyone….

Long day today.  Not a bad day, just a long one.  Was at the orphanage this afternoon and we held group time for our 13-14 year old boys.  Two of them got “kicked out” before we had even left the orphanage to head over to the school building where we have 2 small rooms that we use for “group time.”  Sigh.  It was fun, though, today.  Started off by playing “Fruit Salad” (Salata de Fructe).  Worship was like being at a soccer match (ha!) as their changing voices boomed SO LOUD and  then squeaked through the various songs.  We rapped our way through 6 days of Creation (that’s where we are up to now.)  They loved it.  I loved making a rappin’ fool of myself and not caring 🙂  I brought in a load of animal puppets and each boy had to choose a name and age for their puppet.  Then, in groups of 2, they did mini puppet shows for us explaining who they were and why the 6th day of Creation was especially important to them, animals.  Each one did it.  Maybe they needed a bit of encouraging but they ALL did it.  I was SO proud of them!   We ended our time with drawing animals with some amazing Crayola markers that were donated in the summertime.  Let me tell you, you don’t appreciate how awesome Crayola markers are until you are without and then suddenly are given some.  The difference is – oh – I should be a spokesperson for Crayola.  That and PB2.  Ha ha ha.  Found out some not so hot stuff with some of the kids today.  As in makes you want to cry and throw up all at the same time.  You feel so helpless, really, at times being there with them…


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