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Cinnamon Bread

i cannot believe how well this turned out.  it. was. awesome.  i say “was” because it’s already gone.  think cinnamon roll and then take the “roll” and instead have it as a slice of bread.  wait, scratch that.  just make the bread.  it’ll make perfect sense once you do 🙂   i’m making another loaf tomorrow morning to take to my team for our monday night meeting/worship.

recipe : Cinnamon Bread

check this baby out….ohhh yeah!


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  1. Ok, you are starting to creep me out slightly! It’s apparently one more link between us! 1. I love Pionerr woman; as in she’d have a restraining order if she knew (ok not really just exaggerating for entertainment’s sake). 2. I literally bought the ingredients to make this bread not a week ago. I have yet to make it but will be soon! Anyway, wanted to share how funny I thought that was! Xoxo


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