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How do you cope with life?  Not in general but when life gets to be a little too overwhelming, how do you cope?

Me – well, I bake.  Tonight’s coping session began with bagels.  Mmmmm…bagels.  I used half graham flour and thought it might make them too heavy but they turned out awesome.  So, score 1.  I also sprinkled sea salt all over them since I forgot to buy sesame or poppy seeds.  Moving on to cinnamon bread.  My younger sister got me thinking about this when she made it last week.  Thanks, Arwen!  The smell coming from the bread is coping therapy as is let me tell you!  And, I only did half the rising times that are suggested.  I started it at 8pm so I didn’t want to do 4 hours alone of rising times.  Yuck.  Somehow, though, it’s 11:40pm and this was what I was trying to avoid in the first place by cutting the rising time.  A little confused….  Recipe click here : Cinnamon Bread .  The way it’s looking in it’s final 10 minutes in the oven is so amazing that I think I’d like to try this out on my team sometime soon.  I’ll need to switch the milk to either oat milk or rice milk but, from previous experiences, I can’t see that change ruining the recipe at all!  And, no, I don’t have a mixer here at the house.  Everything was mixed and kneaded by a huge wooden spoon and my brute strength.  Yes, I did just use the word “brute” in reference to myself.

Some pictures from the last weekend that I wanted to post but hadn’t yet….

Someone gave the foundation this crazy cart type thing.  It doesn’t work anymore so the boys push each other around on it!  Bananas make the best phones.  EVER.  Well, ever since Caleb fell in love with the song, “Bananaphone” a few years ago.  It’s probably on his top 5 list of favorite songs and he could listen to it, on repeat, for, literally, HOURS.  (No, I’m not exaggerating.  Although I can be prone to do so I promise you that he has done this before!)  What are the other 4?  Hmmm…that might make for a fun post later this week.  I’ll have to see if I can find youtube clips for all of them!

Caleb at drum lessons.  He loves them.  He hated them for about a year then one lesson this summer something happened and now he can barely stand waiting a week until his next one!

Alex and legos.  Do you know how significant this photo is?  SO significant.  Sigh.  Alex, YOU can put TWO LEGOS TOGETHER all by YOURSELF now.  Last year, no way.  And, in addition, he built this car ALL BY HIMSELF.  Alex thought through and constructed a lego car ALL BY HIMSELF!  GO ALEX GO!  Oh gosh, I’m so proud of him.  I just cried when he brought me this car last weekend to show me.  I mean, just sticking some legos together by himself – that would’ve been enough.  But he actually thought through the process for making a car AND putting it together.  Whew.

Well, time for me to cope by going to bed now.  On a side note, the bread looks amazing.  Just pulled it out of the oven.  Although it’s almost midnight so that’s not so fantastical.  I already decided to go to church in Oradea tomorrow so that means getting not only myself up, but the boys too, early so we can get there in time.  Looong drive.  Well, at least the house will smell good in the morning.  Maybe that will inspire me to not turn off my alarm, after few too hours of sleep, in the morning? 🙂


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  1. I agree with Caleb, the “Banana phone song” is a good one but I actually like the faster version that some brilliant mind made a video for:
    (It goes on the repeat on the website so don’t overdose on it!)
    And lovely pictures again. Keep on drumming!

  2. YES – caleb and i are starting a band called the Orsolets!


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