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First Day of School!

It was chilly and foggy…great!  Why great?  Well, because then I REALLY had

an excuse to put Caleb and Alex in their matching hoodies!  They look cute, though, don’t they??

Alex was overly excited, Caleb barely forced out the smile you see above.  Sigh.  When we got to school there was a big issue over Alex returning to his class.  Maybe I will talk about that later….in another post.  When everything got worked out, which also led to me finding out some new info about a possible change in Alex’s near future, I walked away in tears.  Still too fresh to talk about, crying again now.

I immediately headed over to the elementary school gathering to help out my friend, Helena.  She has two boys in two different classes.  The first day of school here is kind of a confusing mess, to be honest.  All of the kids go to the middle school where – literally – every leader in town gives a speech.  Every pastor and priest, the police chief, the mayor, the school principals – you name it, they had a speech.  Is anyone listening?  Nope.  Everyone is crowded together talking and trying to figure out which teacher they have.  Yes, that’s right.  On the first day of school parents and children are trying to figure out which class their child is in.  I know, doesn’t make sense to me (or the other parents) either!

Here’s a photo from the speeches…

While everyone was milling about, talking – smoking – laughing – finding teachers (all while during the speeches themselves) my camera found the BEST parts of the gathering – HANDS DOWN.  Check them out 🙂

What’s with all of the flowers?  You may have noticed them…my two from above, and our friends here.  Everyone has flowers in their hands!  This is what you give teachers on the first day of school.   Every. Single. Kid.  Can  you imagine how many flowers that must amount to for a teacher on the first day of school?  I know, maybe a little hard to wrap your head around. Soooo, I have made it easy and snapped a photo of a teacher only about, I’d say guessing, halfway through receiving flowers on the first day!

Teachers reading this…what do you think?  Mom?  Would you trade your usual back to school gifts from kids for flowers or ?

Anyhow, after the speeches the elementary kids walked to their building and I followed one of Helena’s sons.  I sat in his class to hear the parent teacher conference, while Helena sat in her other son’s class for her speech to the parents.  After reciting how many lessons they would have each day in each subject and saying the list of things each student needs to bring…the first day of school ended.

I headed to pick Alex and Caleb up from their kindergarten and felt that it was a day to celebrate so we bought ice cream.  Or, well, I bought them ice cream and I opted for no ice cream 🙂

This week has been crazy, not just in regards to going back to school for all of the kids.  My studies are way behind for the course I’m taking right now, we’re back (as of today) going to the orphanage on a regular basis and there have  been some problems with my papers for being approved to adopt.  Uggghhh.  Yes, I know.  I told you all that I was already approved to adopt.  I know, I thought I was because I was told I was.  Thankfully my church in the States has gone way out of their way to help fix the problem that Child Protection had with my file.  Praying that once they receive this new paper that all will be in order and semi-smooth sailing from here on out?  God…please…SEMI smooth?  Juuust semi, that’s all I’m asking (smile).


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  1. Flowers on the first day of school…really???? Our kids bring tons of supplies for the class; paper, pencils, folders, highlighters, crayons, markers, wet wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer etc..etc..:) I feel embarrassed that we ask for so much! The boys looked terrific!!

  2. Jennie Giurgila

    I can not believe how big Reni is! She’s absolutely gorgeous! *tear*

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