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September 13th

Tomorrow, is September 13th.  Finally kindergarten, and all other schools, begin.  I keep going through my options for what I could do tomorrow morning to somehow celebrate the kid-free hours I’ll have.  There have only been a few hours here or there during these months that I haven’t been with kids.  And, most of those times were because I had to be somewhere else.  After much consideration the one thing I really want to do is…run.  I don’t particularly enjoy running but I’m getting bored with my at home workouts and circles around the park while Caleb and Alex are playing.  Plus running means I can just do my own thing – my own speed – my own way – by myself – don’t have to talk or respond to anyone – just be free…so I am really looking forward to that tomorrow morning.  But when my breath runs out (which I’m expecting it to quite quickly…) I’ll be heading back home to work on:

1. Dishes in the sink.

2. Finishing up stuff for our team’s worship and Bible study.

3. Pulling together ideas for group times at the orphanage – we begin this week!

4. STUDY.  This past week it has been almost impossible to find time to study.  I’m only two weeks in to this current course and I don’t want to get behind.  So tomorrow I’m going to do some major catch up!

I was getting Alex into his PJ’s tonight after his shower and Caleb was having his turn in the shower.  This is what I hear him, Caleb,  singing at the top of his lungs.  “On Christ the solid rock I stand, all other ground is sinking sand.  All other ground is sinking sand!”  It’s one of those moments where all you can do is be in awe.  In awe of how God moves in the hearts of those so young, draws them to Himself, creates relationships between them and Him in such simple and firm ways.  It challenges me…  I’ve been talking to Caleb a lot about what it means to be built on Christ, and what does that story from the Bible teach us.  He’s been talking about it all the time, thinking about it, requests the hymn from the shower in the car EVERY time we get in the car. (Smile.)   Anyhow, just thought I’d share this little bit from Caleb’s world 🙂

So, I leave you with the encouragement in these hymn words for you tonight…

Pick yo’ version.

1. “Open your hymnals to #___” Style 2. Gospel Style 3.  New version Style


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