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this flower is outside of casa alba.  it struggled up through the cracks and has made a beautiful statement against this crumbling wall.  our children who have passed through this building over the years…i pray that they,too, become beautiful statements in contrast to the desperation of this country.  they have struggled so much, and have much the same in their journey through life and healing.  but, if they continue to grab ahold of their Creator and His love for them i believe that they, just like this flower, will have lives that will flourish despite where their lives began.

this song.  a free download available here : heard it for the first time today.  i can’t stop listening to it.  makes me want to cry and smile and laugh…and listen to it all over again.  mainly though, i just sit here and close my eyes and rest in the simplicity of her voice, the guitar and the words…it’s just beauty to me tonight.

my son.  each day i am reminded of the beauty in his little, growing self.  tonight, as we were about to walk in the door to our apartment building, he started yelling “look mama, LOOK!”  a new trick on his bike.  the biggest smile spread across my face as i basked in his joy of this new accomplishment.  sorry the picture is blurry but i barely had time to pull out the camera from my purse.  oh caleb, you are beauty to your mama.


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