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Patience is a virtue?

Well, it’s a virtue that I apparently did NOT have on Thursday….

1. So, it’s been raining for some days now.  Well, not today.  But it has been for most of the week.

2. The post office, where any package sent from outside of the EU arrives, is only open from 9am-1pm M-F and is located in Oradea.

How do these two points relate?

I decided to have one last fun Summer activity with Caleb and Alex on Thursday.  After checking through the two kids movies in Oradea there was one that seemed appropriate for their 6 year old selves:  “The Revenge of Kitty Galore” (3D).  I also got a package notification from the international post office in Oradea stating that the two boxes my parents sent had arrives.  Great, I thought.   I can hit up the post office, take the kids out to lunch and make it in perfect time for the 3pm movie.  I left at 11am, plenty of time to make it to the post office before it closed at 1pm and with enough cushion time in case if I hit heavy traffic or something.

Just after entering Oradea I see a huge, dark plume of smoke coming from the main road just a bit ahead.  Some type of vehicle for sure was on fire and….yup, they closed the road down.  Anticipating that clean up crews would take hours to take care of the burned vehicle I quickly pulled my car out of line and headed back in the direction I came from.  I figured that one of the back country roads coming from one of the small villages a few kilometres back should get me to Oradea somehow.  I HAD to get there by 1pm and it was 11:40am at this point.  And, let me tell you, if you arrive at 1:05 pm.  Nope.  Too late.  You can’t get your packages.  (Arrrgghhh!)  I started cutting through the small village that I had backtracked to and found a country road, muddy but also once ‘paved’ in rocks so no problem.  I think this road was probably used by tractors mostly since it mainly was cutting through cornfield.  I saw up ahead a huge area of the road of just soft mud.  Just beyond that the ‘paved’ area with rocks continued.  I can make it.  I can make it.  I can make it.

No.  I couldn’t and I didn’t.  I was SO STUCK.  Oh my word.  The ditch was huge, the mud was so deep.  Uggghhh.  (Definitely not going to make the post office by 1pm.)  I just stuck my head on the steering wheel and thought the world had ended.  Because, you know, it actually had for about 3 minutes in case you were wondering. 🙂

I told Caleb and Alex to stay put and somehow waded my way through the mud (I could barely pick my feet up to take another step the mud was so deep) to the construction supply company I saw a few minutes back.  The men there were so helpful and immediately willing to help.  It took a few different ideas and 4 of them in total but at 12:55pm we were towed out.  YAY!

So, no.  We didn’t make the post office.  At that point I didn’t even care.  I was just frustrated that I didn’t have the patience to wait in the line of cars until the fire was put out and the vehicle removed from the road.  Had I stayed there we would have made it in time.  About a half hour after getting stuck one of the men told me that the road was cleared and traffic was moving again.  (I of course had told him how we ended up in the cornfield to begin with.)

After we got unstuck I handed the guys $15 and told them to buy some beers and to know that God had used them as a major blessing to me today.  If you are wondering, they told me that the road I tried to take WOULD have taken me to Oradea.  Ha!  He was quick to add, though, “If it hadn’t been raining this much for so many days it could have taken you to Oradea….”

Here is the picture book 🙂 of the saga.  Check out what eventually was able to drag us out!

1. Alex checking out where we got stuck.

2. The “clear” road that I was trying to get to.

3. What finally tugged us out!

One last picture…Alex and Caleb heading down the stairs to the car in the morning.  Thanks, Angie, for the very cute matching sweatshirts!!


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