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Today was my day to cook and clean for the team.  I was really excited to try some new recipes that I found, as well as give my team a break from “all the chicken we’ve been having lately.”  Personally, I could eat chicken everyday.  But my poor Swedish counterparts struggle without their meat of choice : pork.  And, since I actually don’t eat any pork at all, it’s a labor of  luh- huv for me to choose to do this.  Nah, all joking aside, I love trying to master different recipes with pork…even if I don’t eat it myself.  The recipes were REALLY good that I tried today so I’ll add them to the list, on the right hand side of this page, soon!  I guarantee you’ll want to give them a go as well!

The thing is, I totally woke up in a really bad mood.  It just kind of stayed with me all day.  Alex also woke up in a bad mood this morning but Caleb was as happy as could be.  Oh well, 1 of out 3 isn’t so bad…right?  The only problem is that when Alex is in a rotten mood then, on a good day for me, it’s really difficult to work through what is happening, why it’s happening and what will happen during the day with him.  So today I was praying for grace about every 2 seconds…  Anyway, I made it.  And the kids made it out alive as well through the day…ha ha ha.  Then this afternoon we had two other boys with us as well.  Two of the other Moms on the team have left for a week so the remaining two Mamas, Helena and I, are helping out with taking care of their two boys.  I think, after today’s rocky afternoon, that the 6 boys are just plain tired of being with each other all day long, everyday at this point….and it’s only been 3 days of it so far!  Yikes!  Praying that whatever is making me cranky today will go away and tomorrow I will wake up with joy, and have a really good day with all of the boys as well!

I’m working on my official update for the summer.  Normally, if you’re on the update list, you’ll get an official update every 2 months.  MAY was the last time you received an update from me.  Can you believe that?  Not good!  I had trouble finding a photo on my computer that I wanted to include but just came upon it before writing this post.  Hopefully I’ll get it off to my mission’s organization and they can get it printed and sent, as usual, within the next couple of weeks.  Those of you just on the e-mail list will receive it later tonight or sometime tomorrow – hopefully, fingers crossed!

School here starts September 15th.  I’m excited to have a few hours each day without kids, in order to better focus on planning and prep for group times at the State orphanage and our team’s Monday night worship times, the classes I’m taking this fall, working out (I took the summer off so now it’s back to it!), trips to and from Oradea for the adoption stuff and the weekly cook/clean for the team day….and, let’s not forget…PAYING BILLS ALL BY MYSELF.  Dragging the kids around to every single place where I have to pay monthly bills isn’t fun for that.  Standing in line after line…blah blah blah.  What kid wants to do that?  What Mom wants to do that? 🙂  So, paying bills and running errands will get a whole heck of a lot easier once school starts.  Takes me about 3 hours to go and pay all of my monthly bills, each month.

Oh also, so embarrassing today.  A friend of mine needed something from my apartment that I forgot to bring with me to the team house and give to her at lunch.  Some medicine that I bought for a poor, young woman and her family that we help out occasionally.  So I gave my key to my friend, after she suggested that she could just run up to my apartment and get it.  (Speaking of “run up” that, literally, is what it involves since I live on the top floor of my building!)  When I got home later in the day I immediately was hit with “What did my friend think when she saw the state that my apartment is in?”  And, just as I thought that the embarrassment sunk in; I saw the apartment through her eyes.  Bag of wet towels from going swimming with the boys directly as you enter the door.  Kitchen had a sink full of dirty dishes, a towel covered stove top of drying dishes, a counter with an onion covered cutting board and knife, a table with leftover plates from last night’s supper and dried out orange peels from yesterdays’ snack AND the balcony door was open and the wind was going crazy so all of my papers, bills and notes from the table were blown alllll over the kitchen floor.

Sick.  Yuck.  Super Embarrassing.  Is it like this all the time?  NO WAY.  It’s just that taking care of my friends’ boys and having Alex here for almost 2 weeks straight, along with Caleb, has made for one very distracted Mama.  I feel like I’m running around everywhere just trying to keep the day going and happy for each of them.  So, I kind of shunned all cleaning for a few days to keep my sanity intact.  Unfortunately I think my friend probably lost her sanity when she entered the apartment.  I immediately cleaned all of it up after realizing what I put her through 🙂  Still though…p-r-e-t-t-y embarrassing!


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  1. Haha, funny! But hey, I think it’s good to show each other more than just the clean surfaces in our lives 🙂


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