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I probably shouldn’t be starting a post at 11:37pm.  When you’re tired then it’s too easy to write too much.  It’s like going to a 24 hour Starbucks at 3am to have a heart to heart.  No, just don’t do it.  I warned you in advance.  You’re going to say much more than you ever should have simply because you’re delirious.  So, I’m trying to keep that in mind now.  Ha!  Only…I’m not at a 24 hour Starbucks right now.  Sitting on my bed and there’s not even a whiff of coffee in the air…bummer.  Big day tomorrow for Caleb’s stuff.  I think my mind is running way too fast to sleep right now…

Today was the first of 3 official days of vacation this summer.  Next Monday and Tuesday will be #2 and #3 when almost our entire team heads out together for an overnight-er.  I can’t wait!  Anyhow, back to today.  Wanted to do something special with Caleb and Alex since my final exam is finally over and done with.  I think Caleb was getting pretty tired of hearing his Mama say “Please go play with legos and build me something cool, I need to study!”  The exam went better than I had hoped.  Although, I had a really strange dream last night (this is after I took the exam) that I was taking the exam and had somehow forgotten to fill in an entire page of short answer questions.   Back to today, I took Caleb and Alex to Baile Felix and it was such a wonderful day.  It really was.  I so enjoyed being with the boys, being in the sun, going crazy in the water.  So many times today I lifted my eyes and just thanked the Lord for the joy in being where I was.  Not necessarily exactly where I was at the pool….but…  You know, there was a deep joy in me today for all that the Lord has done in my life (the good, the bad and the ugly) and the changes that He has worked in me (again…the good, the bad and the ugly) to bring me to where I am today.  SO THANKFUL!

Sunscreen.  Listen, I know I’m prone to burning.  I KNOW THIS.  My Dad had a bunch of skin cancer spots on his face a couple of years ago and since then I am even more crazy about sunscreen.  I put so much on.  Not once, not twice but THREE times today I slathered on the sunscreen.  Does someone want to explain to me how every part of my body is burned right now?  All I keep thinking is what I would look like right now if I hadn’t put on that much sunscreen…yikes!

Hey, on an Alex note…sorry, just thought of this.  Many of you keep asking if I’m adopting him as well.  Although I really sought God on this, along with some wise voices in my life, last spring (and wanted to) I believe that God has other plans for him.  So, for the time being he is just with Caleb and I on the weekends, as he has been all year as well.  I try to treat Alex the same as I do Caleb and love him with everything God gives me to love him with.   This can be difficult at times for sure – sometimes his special needs are just…well, very special.  But, as I tell Caleb, until Jesus gives Alex a family of his own we are to be a family for him.  Caleb loves and hates this all at the same time.  Hearing him scream at me “YOU LOVE ALEX MORE THAN ME!!!” isn’t so fantastic, I’ll admit.  I just try to affirm my love for him as my son as often as I can…but, he’s just 6 you know.  Hard for him to understand that when he’s so upset 😦  Sigh.  Sometimes I wonder how many hours of therapy it’ll take, when he’s older, to sort through all of the stuff he’s had to go through up until now? 🙂

I want to check out some sermons online over the next week before my next course begins on the 1st of September.  Courtney said that she’s been listening to some more of Mark Driscoll’s lately.  Probably one of the most straight forward and challenging pastors I’ve listening to over the past few years.  This guy does not beat around the bush when it comes to showing the difference of how high our calling is as followers of Christ and how far below that we actually are.  Hmmm…I’ve only listened to one  of his sermons in the current series, Luke.  Called “John the Baptizer.”  Really powerful that sermon.  And, that was me as a girl listening to it.  The sermon definitely called out guys and how they live.  Maybe I’ll pick up and start listening from that sermon on…o sa vedem.

Final note of the evening.  Lady Antebellum.  Does someone want to explain to me why I didn’t get the memo on them?   That’s just not fair people, not fair at all.

Final, final note of the evening.  I wish you could have seen all of the travelling gypsy wagons that were out today.  We past at least 7 on the way to Oradea.  Their make-shift, wood, white tarp covered wagons looks like they are going to, literally, burst at the seams.  Filled with every piece of their belongings, massive rolls of bedding tied onto the back, shirtless kids with absolutely cute faces framed with dirt and crazy hair sticking themselves out of the openings to watch cars go by.  And then, really cool, on the way back into Marghita there are about 6 of these wagons that have formed a camp.  Their wagons are circled up, laundry hanging off from the wooden wagon slats, a fire burning away in the middle of it all.  Yeah, I know…I wish I could have grabbed some pictures, too.  Unfortunately I forgot to charge my camera’s battery!


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  1. I’m a little biased, but I like listening to Pastor Joe Kohler’s sermons online… 🙂


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