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Market day today!  I haven’t been in some weeks so I was really excited to head out with Caleb and Alex!

When we arrived Philip and Sari (Suitcase Sideshow) were already in the middle of their show, as I mentioned in past posts.  We stayed as they finished up and then presented what a relationship with Christ is like to the crowd.  There were two teenage guys standing in the back.  I thought for sure that they would run for it once the show was done…but they didn’t.  My heart went out to them and I just began praying that their hearts would be open to what they were hearing.  Thoughts of God’s overwhelming love for me, and for these two tough teenage guys brought tears to my eyes.  Just so much desperation in me for them to know this love.  May what God revealed to them today take root and grow…

Found Alex some back to school shoes, finally!  And, I picked up what I needed to cook for the team on Sunday.  Kind of strange to cook for the team on Sunday…I actually don’t think I have ever signed up to cook on a Sunday before.  (All of us on the team have to sign up one day per week to cook for the entire team’s lunch, and clean the team’s house.)  I’m feeling a Japanese appreciation day coming on.  Yup, that’s right.  A Japanese appreciation day – Marghita style.  Sometimes I just get in the mood for some other country appreciation days. 🙂  So, I got what I needed for that – sort of…like I said, Marghita style Japanese cooking! Ha ha ha!  I also picked up some – oh so beautiful – flowers.  3 huge stems for 2 RON (.65 cents)  I hate lilies.  HATE THEM.  Lilies, I’m sorry, but they remind me of funeral homes and I think they smell like formaldehyde.  I can’t stand them.  AT ALL.  But, these, I mean…are they really lilies?  Do they count?  I hope not because I think these are beautiful.  I love having them on my kitchen table and loved the price they were at!  Can you guess which one Caleb picked, which one Alex picked and which one was my choice??  Hmmm?

Took the boys out of the market and headed off to get some pretzels.  Had to wait in line for 15 minutes before it was our turn.  The pretzels were high in demand today!  Coolest things to do with a pretzel? (As decided by the one and only Caleb this morning…)

1. Make them into glasses.

2. Eat your pretzel into different shapes and then experiment with the pretzel shadows!


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  1. Pretzels, lilies and God’s love. I love the mixture of small and big things in this post!


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