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Kashi Go Lean Toasted Berry Crumble

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Have any of you tried this before?  It’s the best cereal ever. Or maybe not.  Maybe it’s just the best cereal ever in Kelsey’s opinion since first trying it sometime this past year but I can’t remember when I just know that anyone coming from the States to Marghita is nicely – oh so nicely – forced to bring me one…two…okay maybe more than that boxes.

(Whatever, you know you loved the run on sentence.)

And, it’s what I had for breakfast this morning!  Just in case any of you were curious since I don’t think I have ever written a post solely on what I had for breakfast.  There you go.

It’s 10:11pm.  Thanks to coke I think I have unit 8 down.  Time to hit up unit 9 then I’m off to bed.  I’ll end this with a picture of my kitchen table, where I’m currently sitting 🙂  Nice combo of my school stuff and Caleb’s leftover toys from the day…why do they ALWAYS end up on the kitchen table?  Ah well, makes me smile!


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