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Horton Hears a Who

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Caleb and Alex are watching that right now.  I know, I actually let them watch a DVD?  Listen, I’ve got a lot of studying to do, it is miserably hot (my neighbor yelled down from her window when we were entering the building that it was 40 C today) and I don’t know how else to study and entertain them.  Caleb hasn’t seen a video in a week now so I figured it was okay.  Don’t worry – strict TV Mommy will be back in action as soon as this film is over…ha ha ha.

Worked on some school stuff with Alex this morning.  I’d love for him to be able to write all 4 letters in his name, legibly, by this next year of kindergarten.  That begins on Sept. 15th.  I think he’ll be able to do it!  Because Alex had a dry diaper last night, and many dry diapers this past week, I presented him with…drumroll please…a remote controlled car!  Todd/Rocio – it’s the one that you gave me like 1.5 years ago that I forgot you gave me.  Remember?  He was STOKED!   We  headed over to the team house afterwards for some outside water fun and then I had to deliver the lunch food to the different projects for FCE.  Was able to catch up with some visitors that we have here just now.  They do a ministry with puppets…but maybe not how you would normally think of a puppet ministry looking.  Check them out here : Suitcase Sideshow , I think you’ll be impressed and challenged by their calling.

My final exam, for this first theology course I’m taking, will be in about a week.  I feel that I’ve studied the first 3 units enough to not worry about them anymore.  Today I’m trying to tackle units 4, 5 and 6.  Well, that is, as soon as I’ve finished this post.  There are 10 units total.  The funny thing is, the grading system is so different than in the States.  If  I get 50 points out of 100 I PASS.  Can you believe that?  So I keep thinking, as I’m studying, c’mon Kels you can pass this exam…all you need is 50 points!  It’s heavy on essays, which, I’m not used to.  So I’m hoping – fingers crossed – that I might, possibly, somehow pass it?  Please God, please???  (This is the first exam I will have taken in 6 years and the first I will have taken without my two standard study buddies : Tim and Gummy Bears.)

A few pictures from yesterday.  SO CUTE.  I walked into the kitchen to get breakfast ready and I see Caleb with my guitar – as you see below.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  Later in the day, Caleb wanted to do a puppet show from behind the couch (picture up top) with his cars.  So, Alex followed suit…sort of.  Alex was giggling hysterically (as you can see) through his entire presentation that he actually wasn’t able to put the cars up on the couch at all for us to see.  So funny!

This coming week – may – turn out to be a very big week in the adoption process.  Please pray.  Those of you getting the adoption prayer e-mails will hear more about that later today or tomorrow.


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