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Cooking for 30 makes a daring comeback!

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I haven’t posted recipes in awhile on here.  I know, I KNOW – get off my back, okay?

Too much going on this summer.  But, today marks the daring comeback of the recipe reviews and posts.  I should write a little diddy to go along with this post.  Feels like it needs some music or something.

Anyhow, turn your eyes to the right side of this page to click on the latest recipes listed (3) from the Brunch that I made for my team of 18 yesterday: Tortillas, Brunch Enchiladas, Buttermilk Waffles.

Also, is it necessary for the park maintenance people in Marghita to use weed whackers before 7am?  Is it really?  Is it necessary for them to use said weed whackers, at said time, next to my apartment bloc FIRST?  Could they not have started at the other end of the park, next to the EMPTY junior high school building?  Thank goodness for the massive mug my dear friend gave me which holds 3X the normal amount of coffee!  I don’t pull it out so often but this morning made it extremely necessary.  Note : please insert the word “strimmer” for “weed whacker” if you are, well, you know who.

Hey!  I can’t wait to reveal the AMAZING news from the ice cream social fundraiser that took place on Saturday, August 6th at ECC in Bloomington, Indiana.  I’ve asked someone to write up their own personal review of the day so that I can’t post it on here so you can hear it from those involved, other than me!

Also, I promised a camp picture.  The photo below is one that I feel encompasses the entire week of camp the best, without words.


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