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Kinder Krunchies

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I was exhausted yesterday. So. Ti.Re.D.  Got that?  Camp did me in for sure!  By yesterday afternoon I had no idea how I was going to make it from 4pm to Caleb’s bedtime, about 7:45pm.  It was like I had just flown to the States and back again all in 1 day.  I couldn’t finish sentences and couldn’t keep my eyes opened.  Old Lady Kels was in full form!  So, what to do – what to do?  Bake!  My Mom gave me this cookbook that us kids had when we were, well, kids!  The same exact one.  The memories flooded back when I got it  – called Kinder Krunchies.  The pages are all handwritten, totally uneven…hilarious.  Anyway, I remember making these simple recipes all the time as a kid.  (OH MY WORD.  I just checked on Amazon for the price of the book today and the book that I have is selling for $53 because it’s the original, spiral bound from 1982.  Did you hear me? FIFTY THREE DOLLARS! That’s insane!!)

Caleb and I made the Animal Crackers.  They tasted more like a sweet bread and weren’t crunchy.  But he loved them anyhow.  Didn’t have buttermilk on hand but had some plain, natural yogurt.  I think it substituted just fine!  And, I had oat flour on hand so I didn’t bother with grinding the oatmeal in the blender.  Caleb ate almost all of the ones we made last night and I might have helped him eat almost all of those, too, but I’ll never admit that outloud.


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