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Can you pronounce that?  To help you out, there is a small comma under each s and under the final t.  Leave a comment below with your guess at it’s phonetic spelling!

Sistarovat is the name of the small village where we held camp for the Popesti kids this week.  Well, it wasn’t technically in the village…rather outside of it.  Up a very long dirt road hill outside of it.

I can’t really post pictures because of legal stuff with the children but I will try and post a few that don’t have kids in them.  Get around to that later.

Only 1 bee sting – I’m pretty proud of that!

Only 10 mosquito bites – pretty proud of that, too!

2 MASSIVE storms – think “massive” and then maybe times that by 10.  Think tee-pee.  Then think covered wagon.  Then think of 30 children and 15 adults having to wait out torrential downpour, high winds and tons of thunder and lightening.  (And then think of Kelsey, Caleb and a bunch of other adults who were in the very secure and dry cabin for the night instead….)

Okay, more update later.  Just wanted to let everyone know that we were all back!


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