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I should start a series of posts that fall under the category of “Life in Romania : 101.”

If I was to do this, today’s would go like this.

I haven’t received an electric bill in 2 months.  The last time this happened, just before I left for the States, I went and paid to make sure they wouldn’t cut it off while I was gone.  The post office, where I paid, didn’t transfer the money to the electric company in time so they ended up cutting it off while I was gone anyhow.  A lot of money down the drain as all of the food (like all of the cheese my Dad brought me from the States a month earlier!!) was destroyed in fridge and freezer.  The electric company said I did pay but there was leftover that I hadn’t paid from another month.  How did this happen?  I take the bill in, I pay what the bill says.  So I guess they did, in fact, receive the $ from the post office in time but it wasn’t enough.  Then they said “why do you pay at the post office?”  Why?  Because we’re allowed and that’s where everyone pays their electric bill!  I mean, honestly, why are you asking me a question like that anyhow?  Like it’s my fault that I paid at the post office or ?  It’s a 30 minute walk to the electric company and a 5 minute walk to the post office.  Of course everyone will pay at the post office then.  I went back to the electric company two more times after this fiasco in June in order to make sure everything was okay.  Both times there was a sign on the door saying they were closed because of a “fibra optica” problem with their computer systems.  Here’s wikipedia’s definition of Optical Fibers .  I’m not really sure I follow their reasoning.  Then, 2 weeks after that, my land lady’s Mom called me and said that she received my bill in the mail.  What?  Why did she get my electric bill in the mail?  Fast forward to today.  I haven’t received anything from the electric company in 6 weeks.  So, I’m missing another bill again.  My land lady’s Mom hasn’t called saying she has it so I planned on going this morning to the electric company to figure out what has happened this time.  Since I’m leaving for a week to go to camp with some of the kids (30) from the orphanage on Monday morning, I didn’t want the electricity cut again.  (Cost me $75 to get it back on last time!!)  As Caleb and I got ready for the day this morning the electricity goes out in my apartment.  Now, this happens a lot during the week actually.  But today it was out for over a half hour.  Dang it, I thought…I should have gone yesterday!  For sure they have cut it.  I can’t believe this has happened AGAIN.  It’s not my fault!  I never received the bill!   Aaaghghghg!  We hike on over to the electric company to pay and…

The electric company has no electricity.  Oh. Honestly.  Life in Romania : 101.  I just wanted to crack up laughing.  Hilarious!  The electric company has no electricity.  And, I wanted to crack up laughing because I was so happy that it wasn’t just my apartment without electric.  Meaning, they hadn’t cut it afterall!  Yay!

As I turned to walk out the door and head back home, it came back on!  Woohoo!  I explained that I hadn’t received a bill and she points to her computer showing that it had been sent.  He said, she said situation.  Thankfully, though, I came to pay before I left because it definitely would have been cut while I was gone again!!


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  1. CRAZY!!!!



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