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Romanian Circus

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(I’ll post circus pictures tomorrow, hopefully!)

After going to a few Romanian circus’ over the past 6 years I have stopped going and taking kids.  They’re pretty much awful.  And they are pretty much way overpriced.  Let’s say the child ticket is 20 RON.  Adult ticket, let’s just say, is 30 RON.  Average salary in Marghita is, after taxes and not including food stamps, 500 RON.   Let’s put this into perspective.  You live in the States and after taxes your take home pay is $2500 per month.  If I did the math right then Romanians spend on their tickets the equivalent of $100 per ticket (child) for a very cheap and dirty circus with severely abused animals, if they even have any other than dogs. (Beth – you’ve been to one – leave a comment to back me up here!)  You guys in the States wouldn’t even spend $100 on the Ringling Brothers for a child.  I mean, I wouldn’t.  $100 on 1 ticket to the circus?  Well, that’s life here.  When the circus comes, you go, somehow.  I honestly don’t know where they get the money for it.  Some friends of ours said we should check out the circus in Oradea this weekend.  I immediately was like – heck no – I’ve had enough of the Romanian circus.  But then on the way home from church last Sunday we saw the animals outside the circus grounds.  The elephants were walking around, looked healthy and, HELLO, there actually were elephants!  A friend sent some money to be used however I wanted.  So I accepted our friends offer to go with them and said, let’s grab a bunch of kids and just make a day out of it since we have money given for something fun!  I asked permission to take Nicoleta and Silvia, who both live at our group home for special needs children, with us as well.  They were freaking out – it was awesome.  Silvia was running around the parking lot, throwing her hands up in the air, yelling  (literally ) : “THANK YOU GOD FOR THE BLESSING OF BEING ABLE TO GO TO THE CIRCUS!  THANK YOU GOD THAT YOU HEARD MY PRAYER THAT I WANTED TO GO ON A TRIP! THANK YOU GOD!  YOU ARE GOD!”  Oh my gosh, it was so funny and so sincere.  We packed all of our boys and friends into 3 cars and headed into the city.  When we arrived we were told that they refused to “work” for the 5pm showing because “we have 1000 seats inside and there are only a few of you here.”

Uggghhhh.  What to do?  Already, by attending the 5pm showing, we wouldn’t have arrive home  until 9:30pm or 10pm.  To wait until the 7:30pm showing…oh gosh.  My mommy sense was freaking out.  I’m really strict with bed times and sleeping schedules.  So the coming home at 9:30pm was already a stretch.  But to get home at 11pm?  I was envisioning the most horrible next day of grumpiness already.  But, looking into the kids’ eyes and knowing that we had already promised the circus I threw away the Mommy sense and said – alright, let’s wait for the next show!  We hit up McDonalds – they have a new burger for the summer called “grande italiano.”  It’s really good actually.  (Just to note.  I never go to McD in the states.  Ever.  Like 1X per year for a biscuit, egg and cheese.  That’s it.  But when I’m here we go like 1X per month.  It’s better here – or, I don’t know – it’s the only quick option or?)  The boys were exhausted by the time we headed back to the circus (they usually are in bed a bit before 8pm) but once it started they were in h-e-a-v-e-n.  It was a small circus but it was BY FAR the nicest Romanian circus I had ever been to.  Honest.  The animals were well taken care of and they had so many different acts.  The trapeze girls actually had most of their bodies covered – which was a relief – since the other times they were barely covered.  The comedy acts with the clowns were really creative and didn’t involve any jokes about someone getting drunk and doing stupid things (like they usually do.)  And, they had so many HUGE snakes, an alligator, 3 baby alligators, zebra, 2 elephants, miniature horses, llamas, camels….and they looked generally well taken care of (usually they look like they are going to fall over an die at any minute.)  Our boys were hysterically laughing so many times and Caleb kept running back to his seat and to me to yell in my ear (music was really loud) ” MOM!  DID YOU SEE THAT! WOW!”  After my friend and I dropped Silvia and Nicoleta off at their home I was able to get Caleb and Alex to bed around 11:45pm…I think.  They were both up at 8am.  Some kids sleep late if they go to bed late.  Not Caleb.  Never.  (And he must have rubbed that never-ness off on Alex today.)   Well, maybe like 1X ever and that was in October.  They are surprisingly not grumpy.  Although Alex is kind of in his own little world.  The things that make him special are very special this morning (lots and lots of high pitched sounds – allll the time) but he’s happy!  Caleb hasn’t gotten angry at him, huge praise!  I’m surprised because I was expecting ‘horrible’ but the circus ‘high’ seems to have passed on to this morning as well.  Heck yeah!

I did not fare so well at the circus, though.  I took an allergy pill in the morning since those stinkin’ flowers that make me sneeze uncontrollably have appeared a few weeks early this year.  Stupid me, I took the pill container out of my purse before leaving for the circus.  Why. Why. WHY?  About halfway through the sneezing started – and it wouldn’t stop.  No one could hear it so much b/c the music was so loud – thankfully.  I couldn’t stop.  My mouth started swelling up and was so itchy inside (don’t you just hate that?!), my eyes were watering and my right eye was popping my contact out it was so bothered.  UGHGHAAHGHG!  I felt horrible.  I just wanted to leave.  Every time I thought I was going to fall over a die (yeah, pretty much, get off my case) I would look up to Caleb and see how happy he was and then I gave myself a pep talk about staying.  I’m telling you though, I was miserable.  So miserable.  And what made it even more miserable was knowing I had to drive home, in the dark, with pot holes everywhere and 1 eye that I couldn’t see well out of.  Somehow I made it home.  I’m not sure how, actually.  My right eye was useless so I had to hold one hand over it while driving and shifting and dodging potholes with my other free hand.  I hit A LOT of potholes.   A. LOT.  I must have been clentching my jaw the entire time because my mouth and jaw hurt so bad this morning.

Alright, enough of the cry fest. HA!  I have 2 boys asking for a tent to be made with their bunk beds.  So I need to head off 🙂

Hey, real quick.  I don’t always find the songs in English that our worship team at church translates.  Last Sunday, though, we did a new song.  And, if I’m not wrong, the pastor was from the church where the song comes from.  So he said the name of the song in English.  I searched for the name of their church and the song and actually found it.  Caleb and I had an interesting conversation about this video and whether or not he thought all of the people there were singing to Jesus or not.  So, check out the newest song we’ve sung at church in Romanian…but here’s the English for you all!


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