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4th of July!

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Well, we didn’t really celebrate much. I know, I’m sorry.  See though, we did an awesome kids program at Borumlaca gypsy village instead.  IT ROCKED!  Or, rather, God rocked Himself through the program.  Caleb, Alex and I didn’t get home until 6:30pm so that didn’t leave much time for any 4th of July-ness before bed.  I fired up our mini grill on the balcony and I grilled chicken, potatoes and the boys ended the night with s’mores!  I’ll be honest…it was kind of nice to not have to plan a huge BBQ and 4th of July everything this year…:)

Tomorrow I head to Child Protection to finish the home study they didn’t have to time to complete last week.  One of my neighbors had to fill out a referral deal about me as part of the home study.  Because none of them were home when Child Protection was here last week they asked me to bring it to the meeting tomorrow.  I was a little nervous heading down to the neighbors below me, since I don’t even know their names.  Yikes!  I mean, when I see them we talk and get along fine but we aren’t on a first name basis.  And, they moved away to a house in the country and only come home once every 2-3 weeks.  And would you believe it, they had just arrived home for their 3 week visit a bit before I knocked on the door!  Perfect.  The wife and I talked for about 45 minutes and it was so good.  She asked “Now why in the word are you here?  Why in the world do you want to adopt a child?  I’ve always been curious.”  I told her how God brought me here and brought my little one into my life.  We talked about God’s ways and plans with us for almost the rest of the time.  Even though she didn’t say she was a Christian, I know she must be.  The way she spoke about God was too deep and too personal to be just answers she has learned at church or whatever.  It was such a good conversation,  really.  Had to share that with you all!


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  1. good to hear that the Borumblaca programme went well!


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