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No, not Saved by the Bell.  You wish, though, I bet!  Baby Owls.  They screech.  Like really loud.  Like right outside my Bloc.  Like every summer.  Like all night long.

Moving on.

I had my home study yesterday…getting closer, getting closer.  I know I keep saying this but after waiting 5 1/2 years for these things to actually take place, seriously.  It seems so strange.  Maybe it’s just me?

They actually couldn’t finish the home study because they arrived too late and had to leave for other appointments.  I’ll have to head into Oradea next week to finish answering all of their questions.  While they were here they had two “work colleagues” give recommendations.  Both needed to write “bad things” about me.  Both asked me what those should be.  Hilarious!  I said, in front of the ladies, I have no shame (sometimes) and no one is perfect so here are some things that other may find frustrating about me at times….first one on the list : Talking! 🙂

They said that even though they’ll be finished with my approval to adopt process in July that they “must hold our decision for 2 months from your application date” before giving me the decision.  That was a long sentence, sorry.  What I’m trying to say is this.  I applied June 3rd to be approved as an adoptive parent.  They’ll be done with the papers in July but they won’t give me the response until August 3rd.

The home study ended with me trying to convince them to stay an extra 5 minutes so that the raspberry coffee cake could be finished in time.  They didn’t stay.  I mean, didn’t they smell it?  This was a no-fail coffee cake.  From one of my grandma’s recipe books.  I added raspberries to the already no-fail recipe.  That makes is a super awesome no-fail coffee cake.  Heck, I smelled it.  Five more minutes?  Nope, not enough time.  It’s my fault really that I didn’t stick it in the oven sooner.  Ah well, I invited all the girls on my team over tonight so they can eat it instead!

Hey, by the way, on a cooking note.  On Monday night we had a really good fellowship time as a team.  I made up the most pizza dough you’ve ever seen in your life and we did a make-your-own-pizza-bar-thing.  I used the Pioneer Woman’s pizza dough recipe and I don’t know – tripled or quadrupled it?  Something like that.  Didn’t use as much oil as she called for and I also added a huge palm of oregano to the dough before rising.  The pizzas turned out great and we all laughed and laughed.

Also, the 2 afternoons at Borumlaca were cancelled until this coming weekend.  I was up for doing it in the pouring rain but I completely understand the pastor wanting to reschedule.  As he put it – Kelsey, you know what it would be like.  Over 100 gypsy kids covered in mud…  Actually I do know what that would be like and for the clean-up crew in their tiny little church building (where we would have had to hold the camp because of the pouring rain.)  See, in our area at least – gypsy villages are surrounded by dirt and the insides of their home are typically dirt as well.  So taking that into consideration with the pouring rain for a week….yup, we definitely needed to reschedule!


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