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Directly to Uganda

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Caleb told me yesterday : “I MUST go DIRECTLY to Uganda, Mama!  Directly to Uganda!”

Let’s see – what else is he, up to these days?  Popping wheelies on his bike, for sure.  The joy on his face and that crazy yell of accomplishment when he does the wheelie is the same as when he is able to read a new word!  Each morning this summer I am doing a pre-1st grade with him.  He is loving it.  “Mama, do you know what 5+4 =?  Hmmm Mom, hmmm?  Do you WANT to know?   Well, I will TELL YOU!  It’s NINE!!!!”

If anyone wants to come and visit us this summer I will TELL YOU that lots of laughter would be involved!

Some of you may remember that some summers ago we held short, VBS style programs in a local gypsy village for the 100 + children there…I think we did it 2 or 3 summers in a row, I can’t remember.  At least 2, maybe 3?  Anyhow,  last summer it just didn’t work out but, Praise God!, this weekend we will be able to do it again.   The local pastor who works with this village will actually be there this weekend and, in addition, he will hold activities for the adults and teenagers while we do the program with the little ones.  That is another, Praise God!, in itself.  (Great, no adults trying to smash in our van windows this year and screaming at us that if we were really Christians we’d give their starving, 1 month old baby a bag of tortilla chips, too.) He is really excited about us coming to do it again and I am really excited that he feels that this would be an encouragement to his ministry with the kids in the village.  Working together = good.

So we will go Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  Meeting with the other 4 who will help lead the camp this morning.  So, need to go and wake up Caleb now!


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