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Caleb and Canaan

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I’m taking a class this summer called “Introduction to the Bible” through .  Working on their Preliminary Theology Certificate.  And, funny thing is, saying that doesn’t want to make me throw up.  It gets me really excited.  I know, I know.

That doesn’t really matter and isn’t the point of this post.  What I really wanted to write about was a map I saw online tonight in connection with this week’s lesson.  On googlemaps someone has mapped out each location mentioned in the book of Genesis.  For some reason clicking on “Canaan” tore at my heart a bit.  Here I am zooming in and actually looking at what Caleb and his fellow spies saw.  Of course the land has changed some, I’m sure, since then.  But for some reason it set me back for a moment.  Started thinking about how little faith the spies had, other than Joshua and Caleb, and how easily they persuaded their people to fear God’s promise instead of grab hold of it.  And here I am today, using googlemaps to look down upon the promised land.  Seems so easy, too easy.  Anyway, what I’m trying to say is this.  God saw the whole picture – He was (and still is) the ultimate googlemap, ha!, Caleb and Joshua didn’t.  Yet, they trusted in what He knew, and more importantly had promised.  So regardless of what they confronted they, instead, chose to grab the promise instead of the fear.  (At least in this case we have documented in the scriptures.)  I think I need to be doing the same with my Caleb and the land of Canaan that we will be heading into starting the end of July.  Decisions will be made by others that will effect our relationship.  There are giants this summer.  I need to hold fast though to God’s promise, and His knowledge of the territory we will be heading into, for my Caleb and I,  as we enter into ‘our’ Canaan this summer.  God’s promises, not fear.

On another note, I ran across this artist tonight.  For my class I must have access to an NIV.  Lost mine somewhere in Marghita years ago and only have an ESV now.  Which, I really like – really.  But some wording is different so I use to read the NIV for the course reading.  Anyhow, they just posted a link to this woman’s music.  It’s good.  Honest.  Different.  But Good. Very encouraged when listening to it tonight.

And, on a completely WAY much more random note.  I’m trying to conquer Pan Cubano.  I don’t think I have ever been so attached to a type of food after so few experiences with it and yet so far completely removed from any access to it.  Cuban food you have done me in with just 2 meals.  Dang you.  So my de-stresser “must find a way to replicate immediately” cooking project for this month is Pan Cubano.  You know, or maybe you don’t, the one you eat for breakfast with butter and you dip into your coffee?  Yeah, that awesomeness.  I have attempt number 1 beginning itself in my fridge. Yay!  You know what is hilarious?  Doing research for recipes online and finding threads everywhere of people discussing Pan Cubano for months on end.  Honestly?  Is that necessary?  I mean, c’mon people, just spend the money and get yourself to Cuba instead.  Or, if that’s a no-no from your government then find a local Cuban family who, most certainly, has some long lost relative who owns a bakery in Cuba and just get their darn recipe and techniques that way.  But no, no one does that.  Instead they have to create their own recipe.  I mean the one guy did like 50 test runs or something to get his version of the perfect Pan Cubano.   And the arguments on these threads – literally arguments – people spending time arguing over whether Tampa or Miami has a more authentic Cuban bread.  I’m not kidding, there are hours invested on these websites and discussion forums and threads to this subject alone.  My deal is this, I love the freakin’ bread I had.  I want to replicate it.  Was hoping to find someone who had listed their family’s authentic recipe and techniques.  That came up with pretty much nothing.  And, let me tell you, I waded through A LOT of discussions on this topic.  So I’m currently trying a combo of “Mr. 50 tries'” perfected recipe and Mr. “I worked in a Cuban bakery in Cuba but give no more details except this short formula.”  We’ll see how it turns out!


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  1. I love you Kels… that is all. 🙂


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