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Sweet Corn

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I decided to give sweet corn a chance on my outdoor balcony, just off from the kitchen.  There’s a built in garden box that is really deep that I thought might have enough depth for the roots.  When my Dad was here visiting I asked him how he thought it might fare and he gave it a thumbs up.  So, hunched over from food poisoning he and Caleb set to work planting the seeds.  The corn is growing out of control and I am already excited about the shade it’s going to provide come August.  Which, is one of the main reasons why I had the idea to plant it.  My kitchen gets destroyed by the sun from about 1pm-6pm each day during the summer.  I have long curtains covering the windows and door and that helps a lot.  But, having stalks of corn blocking out the sun won’t hurt either!  I’m so excited!

Here’s a picture from yesterday.  Go corn go!

The second picture is also from yesterday.  My sweet, sweet boy had an all morning picnic with his cats. (Cats are his most favorite animal!)  Before we did school in the morning : picnic.  After school : picnic.  Each of them was ‘talking’ to each other, sharing snacks and water with each other.  Absolutely hilarious and cute and precious all wrapped into one!


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  1. Hey Kelesy and Caleb,

    Still praying for all to go well. Also praying for Caleb’s birth mother to come to the Lord also and praying that that doesn’t change anything with Caleb’s adoption process. Just wanted to suggest that maybe you could have planted some green beans among the corn. God bless you and you have a blessed day.


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