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Nephews and Best Friends!

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So I’m back.  How many sentences do I start with the word “so?”  Back in Marghita that is.

It was an amazing trip to the States.  I’ll never say I love the trip there and back but it’s worth it.  And it was definitely more than worth it this time.


*I got to meet my nephews.  I am without words about this experience.  There really is a connection that God has created in the role of an Aunt.  I love those two boys like crazy!  At 3 weeks and 7 1/2 months old they let me cuddle, kiss and baby talk with them as much as I could handle…

*Freddie’s Freeze.  Almost everyday I was in Michigan.  What is Freddie’s Freeze you might ask?  Well, some of you may know – or may not know, that my parents live about a 1/4 mile off from the campground where all of us Winters kids essentially grew up.  Every summer we headed to Somerset Beach Campground.  Every. Single. Summer.  Before I was born my parents were going there.  No matter where our family moved while we were all growing up, we still headed back to Somerset with our pop up trailer each and every summer.  It’s home for me there, in many ways.  Well, just outside of the campground, and down the road a bit, are 3 very familiar places to me and my childhood.  One of those is Freddie’s Freeze.  An ice cream and fast food place.   My favorite?  A Frazzle.  Yup, that’s right.  A frazzle.  Say it with me everyone – FRAZZLE.  It’s a slushee mixed with soft serve and you drink it like a shake.  My favorite combo : Blue Raspberry Slushee with vanilla.

*Holding my nephews, changing diapers, helping my sisters out with whatever they needed done, spending time with my brothers-in-law, hanging out with Mom and Dad, running in the mornings through the campground’s dirt roads…remembering what it was like to come there each summer.

*Some great friends I got to see (although one was almost a drive-by and then we stopped and then blocked up the road but no one was coming 🙂 and spend time with.  Hearing their joys and struggles was really comforting and encouraging.

*Getting a surprise call on Sunday night telling me that 2 people were driving up from Bloomington to meet me with the donations from the car wash the Saturday before.  God SO AMAZINGLY provided through the ECC family and Bloomington area that in their joyous excitement drove over 4 hours to meet me and hand it over personally.  I was out of commission.  The Cracked Pots Sunday school class is hosting a couple of fundraisers to help with the adoption costs.  The first of those was a car wash on Saturday, June 5th.  Through donations that day and the next day during church over a 3rd of the total adoption costs were raised.  Can you believe that?  It was so good to see Bill and Lucy and I was so blessed to have them drive so far to meet up with me!

*Taco Bell

*Seeing my Grandpa

*Heading down to Florida to meet up with – how to say it – I just don’t even know.  FRIEND.  Okay, and now here’s my ranting on Florida – West Palm Beach.  I loved it.  Loved the heat, humidity, breeze, ocean, sand and town.  Loved the crazy mix of the most random economic levels and ethnic groups of people that I have ever seen before.  Loved walking everyone.  It was amazing.  More than that and the restaurants and the cute shops etc…  More than all of that I treasured being able to see my friend agains.

*Cuban Food.  It get’s it own highlight category.  I am so in withdrawal right now that I can’t handle myself.  So you know what that means?  That’s right, Kelsey is researching Cuban recipes like mad.  I’m cooking for the team Wednesday so let the experimenting begin!

Time to get going.  I’m taking some theology courses this summer.  Uggghhh.  Not uggghhh with the learning.  I have never been more excited to study a subject(s).  The problem is that going to the States, although I studied and worked my butt off on the plane rides, put me over a week behind.  It’s going to be a study-study-study week.  And, Caleb starts pre-1st grade with Mama tomorrow morning!  He’s really looking forward to it and so am I 🙂

Wait, one more thing.  I just have to share that the smile that couldn’t be ripped off his face, in addition to the tightest hug ever, the sweaty kisses mixed with the “I missed you SO MUCH MAMA!!” touched the very deepest part of me yesterday.  I love coming home to my son.

(meeting with bill and lucy from ECC, time with grandpa, sisters and their little ones, aunt kelsey with the littlest one, dad and mom holding their two youngest grandsons!)


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  1. I LOVE the pictures…my two faves…you and your nephew and your mum and dad with their grandkids!!! Gorgeous! I am so glad you got to make that trip. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!X

  2. Bill said that he had thought about asking me if I wanted to come up there with him. I was already busy that day so coming up there wasn’t an option but I sure would have liked to have seen you again. If he does something like that again I probably will be with him. Loved the pictures of your family. Have a blessed day.


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