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And I’m awake.   Only, I think I have a good excuse this time round.  Jet Lag.  That’s right, I’m in the States!

I know, I didn’t tell of any of you?  I know, I’m sorry.  It was a surprise trip, or intended to be, so up until a week ago only a handful of people knew.  How did this come about?  Well, my sisters are having babies.  My very first nephew was born in October and the 2nd nephew at the end of May.  It’s been a huge struggle heart-wise for me to not be able to meet them.  Caleb, too, is really sad that we aren’t able to see them.  Although video Skype helps out a lot with that.  Anyway, the deal is this.  Taxes went in a direction that I didn’t expect them to.  So the money I thought I’d have to pay actually ended up staying in my account.  I was praying about what God wanted me to do with that money.  Should I put it towards the adoption fees?  Should I give it as a donation to the foundation?  Should I hold on to it?  I didn’t have peace about any of those options as I prayed about them.  Then Caleb told me that he thought I should go to America to meet his cousins since he couldn’t.  It was the cutest conversation ever, I think!  I didn’t take it too seriously but I did ask God if maybe He intended this money to be used for this purpose?  And, you know what?  Kelsey, that’s me, who freaks out about any travelling away from Caleb – especially on planes where I have anxiety attacks about things that I won’t even go into here – well…this same Kelsey has never felt so much peace about making a trip to the States as I did praying about coming now.  I called and e-mailed a few people who are raising money for the adoption right now and asked them to pray about me using this money for this purpose.  Note, the money I used for this ticket – just want to make it clear – was in no way shape or form money given for the adoption.  It’s money I had set aside for the past year, little by little each month, in anticipation for taxes.  Each person that I spoke with came back with the same answer – Kelsey, go.  So, I did!  Didn’t end up being much of a surprise at the end – well, my older sister was the only one I was able to surprise full on (ha ha ha, so fun!).

I will be back in Marghita one week from today (Sunday).  Then, no more travelling until the adoption is done!

I am loving my nephews – getting to hold them, play with them, rock them, tickle them…oh my goodness I am loving this!  And, can I just say…in the past almost 6  years since I’ve been in Romania I have hardly ever come home.  The two longest trips I have ever made here to the States (2 weeks summer of 09 and 12 days this past October) were both full on working/support raising.  Honestly, in October I drove a few hours and met my Dad for breakfast half way for him and I.  That was it.  The summer before that was hardly any different.  I came in one afternoon, spent the  night and left the next morning.  I didn’t come for my family those times – and that has been hard.  So to be able to be with sisters and their families, and Mom and Dad for a full 5 days.  It’s already been wonderful!

I think I would have been asleep right now had not my Dad ordered 🙂 me down to the basement at 1:30am because a tornado was going through town.  Couldn’t go back to sleep after that so my nephew and I read some books, because he wasn’t sleeping either.  But not it’s almost 4am and I still can’t sleep…arrggghhh…tornado!

Pictures to come later on.  Just wanted to update you all on where I am!


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