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Adoption Step 2

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Step 2, that’s what I’m telling Caleb.  He asked how many steps there are total?  Before I could answer he said “Maybe 45?”  Smiling I replied, yup 45 might be just how many steps more we have to take for the adoption.  Ha ha ha!

Really though, a lot of work was done with step 2 this week.  That’s why I haven’t updated this blog in awhile…too many extra things happening.  So what did step 2 require?

1. Trip to Oradea to meet with the social worker who will oversee my case and handle it on the government’s side of things.  She basically had me fill out some forms and asked me if I was prepared for the adoption to not work out.  And, if it didn’t work out would I consider adopting another child?  (I’m so glad that both Caleb and I have a Heavenly Father who planned ‘us’ happening . . .I am confident in His promise.)  I also received a few forms which needed to be signed from various doctors deeming me healthy enough to adopt a child.

2. On to the doctors appointments…  THANKFULLY I am able to do those here in Marghita.  The other girls who adopted before me had to do them in Oradea.  It’s a whirlwind of a day and begins very early.  By having the option of doing them in Marghita I am able to do the doctors appointments when I have time and they don’t need to be all in the same day.

3. First off I head to the lab for the blood test.  My friend was working and was able to pull off a huge, surprising little bit of a miracle for me there.  Can’t post it – but it was a miracle.  The blood test was for STDs.  Thankfully – ha! – I was approved by those there “to adopt.”  First signature.  Then my friend says she knows the rest of the doctors that I need to go to so she’ll just go with me.  Oh gosh, how awesome?!

4. Head down to the Dermatologist.  Yup, he had to approve me to adopt as well.  Other than having to lift my shirt up to show him my stomach – a little awkward – he also approved me to adopt.  His charge was $8.

4.  Then my friend takes me to the internal diseases doctor.  It was next on the list.  She speaks with the nurse that runs his office and she tells us to NOT come today.  Why?  The doctor on duty that day would require me to run a battery of tests, beginning with an EKG.  The other doctor who works in that office, but not on that day, won’t require me to do all of those exams.  Hmmm…alright.  My friend takes me to the other doctor, who was on duty at the hospital, and asks her when she will next be working in her office.  She said Wednesday at 11am.

5.  My friend tells me to come back on Wednesday to find her and she’ll go with me when I see that doctor again.   Then it’s off to the psychologist.  79 questions and $13 later I am told that I am “a normal person.”  (That may be a surprise to some of you – very funny….)  He signs the paper and approves me to adopt as well.

6. I needed the psychologist’s signature before I could go to the psychiatrist.  I figured he wouldn’t be in his office at 4:30pm but I heard voices and decided to knock anyways.  His nurse was there and when I asked for the doctor she gave me a stern look and said “At THIS hour???”  I told her I assumed he wouldn’t be there but thought I’d try anyhow and when might I find him here next?  She relaxed and said “Tuesday at 11am.”  Alright, mark that down Tuesday.

7. Still waiting on 2 documents to arrive from the States and I need to get those translated and notarized here.  Probably will be about $40 total for that.

8.  Next week I need to go to Town Hall with my social worker here in Marghita and request for a Home Study to be done.  Also need to get the 2 recommendations in that I requested from 2 of my bosses last week.  And, my social worker has 2 things that need to be typed up.  One of those is “Why do I want to adopt?”  I think I’ll give them the short version.

9.  Also next week I need to run to Oradea and pick up my official residency card.  It should be in on Monday but Monday is an official Church Holiday here in Romania.  Everyone is closed.

10.  Once all of these papers are in and signed and received and translated and the card comes 🙂 then I can officially apply to become an adoptive parent in Romania.  That’ll be Step 3 – waiting for their decision.  That takes 2 months.

Still with me?  I know, it’s confusing for me, too!


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  1. Katie Edwards

    I think you are incredible!


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