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My friend, Anne, posted a picture of her new baby son’s smile today.  Inspired by her post I thought I’d  post a couple of smiles I’ve caught on camera lately.

Alex, holding up the butterfly he made at kindergarten.  Can you get even cuter, Alex?  Can you? 🙂

Mihai, super pumped over the soccer cleats I bought him for his birthday present.  He came into town with his foster mom on Monday.  A woman who has been involved with his life since he was about 3 years old came for a week visit and so he came in on Monday to have a pizza with her.  And, of course, he knew that I had already promised for his birthday (back in April) the cleats!  It was such a wonderful day with Mihai.  Although I miss having him around nothing compares to how amazing it is to see his emotional progress by being with this fantastic family!


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  1. Of course they are both cute, but Alex? If only that joy was deep inside his heart all the time! Thanks for all you do for him.


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