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6 years ago today…

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…my son was born.  Although I wasn’t there on his actual birth – day I have had the awesome honor to be at every once since.  Being a Mom isn’t necessarily a title on a document.  Being a Mom is a God ordained amazing deal that sometimes happens when you give birth to your own child and sometimes happens through other ways…like adoption or foster care.  Someone once said that its nice that “you feel like Caleb’s Mom.”  No, this is way beyond feeling.  This was a calling that I had no control over and never actually expected to happen in my life, honestly!  I tell you that there is no way NO WAY I could love a birth child more just because I gave birth to them myself.  I say that before giving birth and maybe you will argue with me.  See though, the love I have for him is the love God has given me for this child as his Mama.  It’s a love that grows every day – every single day.  I am just so thankful…

Happy Birthday, my sunshine from Jesus!

(morning of May 5th, the day we celebrated)              (afternoon of May 5th at his “big birthday” celebration :

Grandpa was there!)

Today, May 10th we had “little birthday” celebration.  I gave him a small, handheld game and his favorite chocolates.  And, he took juice boxes and mini candy bars to the 10 kids in his class.  It was SO CUTE.  The teacher made each child come up to Caleb, give him a kiss on the cheek and wish him Happy Birthday (La Multi Ani) one after another.  Because kissing on the cheek is a common greeting here it isn’t strange to me, anymore that is.  So precious!

After picking him and Alex up from kindergarten we headed to our team’s house so I could eat lunch.  At the house we have little cubby holes for each adult and child.  Makes it easy when the mail arrives!  Caleb found a winter hat and pair of gloves in his today and he stuck them on and started tree climbing.  Only today, unlike most days, this tree climb had a very specific purpose : raise the swing above the massive mud puddle below.

Then, once it was raised he took an old lawn chair and used it to hoist himself up and…wahla!  We have a happily swinging boy.  How cool is it that he thought through that whole process by himself?  Sorry, proud Mama here – watch out!  I didn’t enjoy carrying those soaking wet gloves home…  He did, though, trade me for the 4 rolls of toilet paper I was carrying.  He was smart.  If Mom was going to carry those wet things home then he knew he’d have to trade for what was in my arms already – ha!

La Multi Ani my lego lovin’ tree climbin’ 6 year old!


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  1. Pauline Oksanen

    Happy Birthday Caleb!!

    From Pauline in Sweden.


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