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Does it get any better than this?

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It’s been a cold and very rainy spring.  So when the temperature decided to bust itself up pretty high on Saturday I decided to bust out the slip and slide.  (Thanks, Todd and Rocio!)  It took over an hour for us to get the hose hooked up right.  Yeesh, why does the US and Europe have to differ on even hose sizes??  Once we got it set up the boys went wild.  They loved it!  And, of course, adding some no-tear baby shampoo always ups the anty on a slip and slide!

Do you like the “volcanoes” I made?  Since my Dad’s trip was delayed for over a week due to the ash cloud, and I had a pretty crummy week all together I decided to do something fun on Saturday night.  Bake.  Baking makes me feel better, just going to be honest, and I knew it would bring smiles to some people on my team as well!  So, off to conquer the “brookie” my sister told me about months ago.  Only, I didn’t want to make a “brookie.”  I’m sorry, that word is just stupid.  Sorry Martha Steward and your “brookie” making friend but it’s sounds so lame.  BROOKIE?  Ay yai yai.  I renamed them volcanoes once I decided to make my own version of them in my mini cupcake pans.  I’m not going to post the recipe, yet.  I haven’t found a way to successfully get them out of the cupcake molds in one entire piece.  And, I want to get the baking time and temperature more accurate as well.  Needless to say, they ROCKED.  Chocolate chip cookie on the outside, brownie in the middle and one mini-marshmallow for effect on top.  Caleb thought these were super awesome.  So did his Mama! Ha!

Well, off to get in a run (or Kelsey style run = most people’s fast walk) before cleaning the rest of the apartment and then picking Caleb up from kindergarten.  I know, Kelsey and running?  What’s up with that?  Some of you reading this blog might even be able to recall Kelsey in her Pottstown days.  If so, then you know that I came in last place for the mile run EVERY year in gym class from the 4th grade through the 10th grade.  Then I switched schools, our family moved to Michigan, and that high school there didn’t make me take any more gym class at all.  Oh man did that rock or what?!  What I’m trying to say is that I hate running.  More than any type of exercise I hate running.  But my problem is this.  I want to continue losing weight even more than I hate running.  And for 2 months the scale hasn’t budged.  So, in enters Kelsey and running.  I need to switch things up a bit.  For over a year now I’ve done pretty much the same workout videos and time on the elliptical trainer that I have.  But crossing this last hurdle of weight loss isn’t coming easy, dang it, so I’m showing my body who’s who by adding in the running.  I’ve done it twice now and it seems to be giving my body the jumpstart it needed in getting this last group of pounds off!  Yay!  And, just on a side note.  Romanians don’t do exercise outside.  Literally, they don’t.  At all.  So when I go out to run it’s like Marghita gathers round to see the person with 6 arms at the circus side show.  Nice, I know.  You didn’t know I had six arms, did you?


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  1. That should be, “Thank you Ron and Jamie for the slip and slide” NOT “Thank you Todd and Rocio” I will have to find out how many OTHER things they got credit for that we sent! 🙂


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